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How much money do you need per day for your trip in Vietnam?

Thien Nguyen
Are you planning a trip to Vietnam and wondering how much money you should budget for each day? It's a common question among travelers, and in this blog post, we will break down the estimated costs to help you plan your finances accordingly. From accommodation and transportation to food, activities, and miscellaneous expenses, we'll provide you with a comprehensive overview of how much you might need per day for your trip in Vietnam.

1. Accommodation in Vietnam

The cost of accommodation in Vietnam can vary depending on your preferences and the city you're visiting. In big cities and tourist attractions and in peak season, the price will be higher. On average, budget travelers can find clean and comfortable guesthouses or hostels or shared dorm rooms for around $10-15 per night.

Lantern Dorm in Hanoi.jpg

Mid-range hotels or homestays may range from $30-50 per night, while luxury hotels or resorts can cost upwards of $100 or much more.

Vedana Lagoon resort in Hue.png

2. Transportation in Vietnam

Transport around Vietnam is relatively affordable, and there are various options to consider. Local buses are the most budget-friendly choices, with fares typically ranging from $1-10 depending on the distance.

Buses in Vietnam.jpg

Taxis and ride-hailing services like Grab, Be and Gojek are also widely available and cost-effective. Specifically, for a car ride in ride-hailing services, the price for the first 2 km is about $1.2, the rate for the next km is about 40 cents, and for motorbike taxi, it will be 70 cents and 20 cents. On the other hand, for taxi, the starting fee for the first 700m is about 50 cents and the fee for the next km is about 65 cents.

Mai Linh Taxi.jpg

If you're feeling adventurous, you can rent a motorbike for around $7-10 per day, but make sure you have the necessary licenses, insurance and know the rules in Vietnam.

3. Food in Vietnam

Vietnam is a food lover's paradise, and you'll find an array of delicious dishes at affordable prices. Street food stalls and local eateries selling famous street food in Vietnam such as pho, bun cha, banh mi and hu tieu offer mouthwatering options for as little as $1-3 per meal.

Pho Khoi Hoi (Hanoi).jpg

If you prefer dining in restaurants, expect to spend around $5-10 for a good meal. Upscale dining experiences in popular tourist areas can cost between $15-30 per person.

There are 4 restaurants in Vietnam just received 1 Michelin star. For Gia, Hibana by Koki and Ănăn Saigon, each set menu is about $100 per person, Tầm Vị will be more affordable with approximately $50 for a Vietnamese family meal. 

Exquisite and beautiful dishes at 1-star michelin Vietnamese restaurant.jpeg

4. Activities in Vietnam

Exploring Vietnam's attractions and engaging in activities is a highlight of any trip. Entrance fees for popular tourist sites range from $5-20, depending on the location and type of attraction. For example, visiting historical sites like the Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh city or the Imperial City in Hue may cost around $5-10 per person. Activities like boat tours, trekking, or cooking classes can range from $10-50, depending on the duration and complexity of the experience.

The ancient capital of Hue.jpg

5. Miscellaneous Expenses

It's always wise to have a little extra for miscellaneous expenses, including water, snacks, souvenirs, and unexpected costs. Budgeting an additional $5-10 per day should cover these miscellaneous expenses.

Remember, these estimates are just rough guidelines, and your actual expenses may vary depending on your travel style, preferences, and the specific locations you visit. It's also essential to consider the season, as prices may fluctuate during peak travel periods.

6. Travel with a Local Buddy to manage your expenses

Traveling with a Local Buddy can be beneficial in managing your expenses. They can provide valuable insights into the local culture, recommend budget-friendly options, and help you navigate through the best deals in town.

Tourist with a Local Buddy.jpg

So, whether you're backpacking on a tight budget or indulging in a luxury vacation, Vietnam offers something for every traveler. With proper planning and budgeting, you can have an incredible experience without breaking the bank.


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