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Exploring Vietnam's Culinary Excellence: Four Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Thien Nguyen
Vietnam's culinary scene has been set ablaze with excitement as four exceptional restaurants have been bestowed with the prestigious Michelin star. This coveted recognition not only showcases the remarkable culinary talent found within the country but also positions Vietnam as an emerging gastronomic destination on the global map. Join us as we embark on a culinary adventure to explore the four Vietnamese restaurants that have recently earned their well-deserved Michelin stars. From innovative Vietnamese fusion to traditional delicacies presented with flair, these establishments represent the epitome of culinary excellence and are sure to delight even the most discerning food enthusiasts.

Vietnam's vibrant culinary scene has taken a remarkable leap forward with the recent announcement of four restaurants being awarded the prestigious Michelin star. This recognition not only celebrates the exceptional quality of Vietnamese cuisine but also highlights the country's emergence as a global gastronomic destination. Join us on a culinary journey as we explore these four remarkable Vietnamese restaurants that have earned their place among the elite Michelin-starred establishments.

Exquisite and beautiful dishes at 1-star michelin Hibana by Koki restaurant.jpeg
Exquisite and beautiful dishes at 1-star michelin Hibana by Koki restaurant.jpeg

Gia - A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation:

Located in Hanoi, Gia is a Vietnamese contemporary restaurant led by the talented chef Sam Trần. This Michelin-starred gem offers a menu that harmoniously blends tradition and innovation, with dishes inspired by Vietnam's rich culinary heritage. Chef Sam Trần's creativity and mastery of flavors have earned him both the Michelin star and the prestigious Michelin Young Chef Award, recognizing his exceptional talent and potential.

Vietnamese food at Gia restaurant.jpeg
Vietnamese food at Gia restaurant.jpeg

Hibana by Koki - A Theatrical Japanese Culinary Experience:

Hibana by Koki, situated in the heart of Hanoi, takes guests on an extraordinary culinary journey through the art of teppanyaki. Led by the skilled chef Hiroshi Yamaguchi, this intimate restaurant captivates diners with its theatrical presentation and exquisite flavors. Each dish is meticulously prepared, showcasing the complexity and depth of Japanese cuisine. Hibana by Koki's Michelin star is a testament to their dedication to culinary excellence.

The teppanyaki chef at Hibana by Koki restaurant.jpeg
The teppanyaki chef at Hibana by Koki restaurant.jpeg

Tầm Vị - Nostalgia and Northern Vietnamese Delicacies:

Step into Tầm Vị, a vintage tea house in Hanoi, where time seems to stand still. This charming restaurant celebrates the flavors of Northern Vietnam and invites guests to savor traditional dishes in an ambiance that exudes nostalgia. From the hand-written calligraphies to the collection of traditional furniture, Tầm Vị creates a truly immersive dining experience. Their Michelin star acknowledges their commitment to preserving and showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the region.

Delicious local Vietnamese dishes at Tam Vi restaurant.jpeg
Delicious local Vietnamese dishes at Tam Vi restaurant.jpeg

Anăn Saigon - Modern Vietnamese Street Food:

In the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Anăn Saigon stands out as a modern Vietnamese restaurant that artfully combines contemporary techniques with beloved street food recipes. Led by Vietnamese-American chef Peter Cường Franklin, Anăn Saigon captivates diners with its enticing flavors and innovative culinary creations. This restaurant, previously named Vietnam's best in 2021 and among Asia's top 50, continues to impress with its remarkable culinary offerings.


The recognition of these four Vietnamese restaurants with the coveted Michelin star marks a significant milestone in Vietnam's culinary landscape. Gia, Hibana by Koki, Tầm Vị, and Anăn Saigon represent the epitome of culinary excellence, showcasing the diversity and richness of Vietnamese cuisine. As Vietnam continues to shine as a global gastronomic destination, these Michelin-starred restaurants serve as a testament to the remarkable talents and creativity of Vietnam's culinary professionals. Whether you're a seasoned food enthusiast or an adventurous traveler, exploring these Michelin-starred establishments promises an unforgettable culinary journey through the flavors of Vietnam.

Food photos at Gia Restaurant.jpeg
Food photos at Gia Restaurant.jpeg

The journey through Vietnam's Michelin-starred restaurants has been nothing short of extraordinary. These culinary gems have not only elevated the country's gastronomic landscape but have also showcased the rich tapestry of flavors and traditions deeply rooted in Vietnamese cuisine. As travelers indulge in the exquisite dishes crafted by these talented chefs, they have the opportunity to further enhance their culinary experience by partnering with a local buddy. These knowledgeable guides can unravel the stories behind each dish, share the historical and cultural significance, and provide a deeper understanding of the culinary heritage of Vietnam. By embracing the local buddy experience, travelers can immerse themselves in the true essence of Vietnamese cuisine and forge a lasting connection with the country's culinary traditions. So, come embark on this gastronomic adventure, where the flavors of Vietnam meet the expertise of a local buddy, creating an unforgettable and enlightening journey through food and culture.


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