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Interesting things in Hanoi - A day living like a Hanoian

Thien Nguyen
Hey there, fellow adventurers! Are you ready to embark on a journey to the land of pho and chaos? Well, Hanoi is the place to be! This city is like no other, with its vibrant streets and zippy motorbikes. You haven't lived until you've tasted the delicious street food and haggled with the local vendors in the Old Quarter. And if you're feeling brave, take a ride on the back of a xe om (motorbike taxi) and experience the thrill of dodging traffic like a local. Don't forget to check out the historic landmarks and museums too, but be warned - the traffic is so crazy, it might take you a few tries to cross the street. What more? Follow in the footsteps of a Hanoian full of artistry, living like a Hanoian

You know, there are special things in Hanoi that even if you want, a burning desire, is to understand it, which if you are not someone who has lived there long, you will have a hard time understanding it. Hanoi changes day by day, but Hanoi is always beautiful, at least in the hearts of those who love Hanoi. A love more than… the call of love.


Tubudd would like to tell you things that not everyone knows about Hanoi and only those who have lived long in Hanoi know (refer to 3 authors Trangneu, Nikita Nhu Quynh Nguyen, Hien Nga):

1. Hot brown (calling milk coffee like a Hanoian) in Cong coffee

Chances are you've heard of a beverage called "ice brown" or "hot brown" - a specialty in Hanoi. However, not everyone knows that the "hot brown" dish in the iron mug at Café Cong is the pinnacle of deliciousness. In an atmosphere of Hanoi that just finished raining, the weather is a bit chilly, enjoy a cup of hot brown (one cup and alone) in a small loft, then you will experience a feeling like nowhere else.


2. Live slowly like Hanoians

There are ways to live slowly in Hanoi, very elegant, very elegant, very Hanoi, without saying it you may not be able to imagine. One is walking under the yellow light on Cao Ba Quat street on cool and dry summer nights; Second, read a book (any genre you like) by the roadside near Uncle Ho's Mausoleum. If you like, go alone, or if you don't, two or three alone, not necessarily according to a certain framework. Or else, walking around the streets of Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake and enjoying the "smell" of Hanoi early in the morning, maybe the smell of milk flowers, or sometimes the smell of flowers at the Botanical Garden; walking around the Guom Lake, chatting a few sentences by the flower garden of Con Coc, then running to Dinh Le to buy a few books, or swooping down to the newsstands to buy some papers...


A "slow" Hanoi is literally at dawn, at 2am, 5am; or at night, at 23 o'clock, it was a very different Hanoi, eerily timid and quiet. If you have the opportunity, try once to enjoy the night rain in Hanoi to hear the sounds of nature as the melody of this life.

3. The "crazy" of Hanoians

From time to time, you may want to dress a little "out of the ordinary", such as wearing a floral skirt, pink pants with embroidered flowers and lace, and then wearing high heels, wearing a Cambodian or Lao Thai camo, riding a bike. big,... In general, different people that anyone who looks at them also covets "or should I do the same". Then things will happen in different ways, and you will also have a different experience in beautiful Hanoi.


4. Hanoians love cinema

If you are a movie lover and have the opportunity to come to Hanoi, try to experience the cinema at TPD Center - Cinema Space (51 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Actually, you can come in at any time as long as you exclude Monday (because Cinema Space doesn't work on Mondays).

5. Let me tell you a secret

To enter the Opera House to see its shows without having to buy a ticket, enter from the side door. Sometimes watching something "for free" is also very enjoyable!

6. Iced Tea - Not to be missed

The best is when coming to Hanoi, no matter where you go to do or eat, just order Tra Da. Whether it's eating delicious mountain oysters or trying delicious street food, iced tea is still the most elegant pleasure. In summer, iced tea, hot tea in winter. Hanoi is also warm thanks to iced tea, because in Hanoi, "ice tea is the beginning of the story". You can also choose to drink lemon tea for the cool of your life. Then "chit chat", tell stories to each other, bond with colleagues and friends.


7. Sidewalk coffee

If you are a person who likes to wander on sidewalk coffee, Nguyen Du Coffee is an interesting stop. Here, whether it's morning, afternoon, or evening, rain or shine, you can sit back at any time. A place "extremely Hanoi".

8. Tet in Hanoi

On the days before Tet, in Hanoi, there are often drizzle and cold wind. What should we do then? Covered with blankets from foot to head and slept soundly? No, absolutely not! Because that would be a waste! Because you missed a very special Hanoi moment. Instead of sleeping, walk around the old quarter (Ma May, Hang Bac, Luong Ngoc Quyen, Hang Chieu, ...), simply watching people pass by. And you will see how peaceful this life is. If you're bored of watching, you can switch to slurping Chinese dumplings by artist Pham Bang (30 Hang Giay), or Bun Dau in Phat Loc lane.


If it is the Mid-Autumn Festival, then leisurely stroll around and shop for toys on Hang Ma Street. Very interesting if you go on the busiest day.

9. Nostalgia for an old Hanoi

There is no better place to reminisce about an old Hanoi than enjoying coffee at old shops like Lam, Giang, Quat, etc. Hanoi is still very familiar in every fiber.

10. Trang Tien Ice Cream

It is a mistake to skip Trang Tien ice cream. In the memory of many children far from Hanoi, Trang Tien ice cream stick with them is simply a memory, a memory of scenes of queuing, crowding, and the space, the taste that can't be found anywhere else but there...



"Even if I go to all four directions

My heart still remembers Hanoi…”

(Remembering Hanoi, musician Hoang Hiep).

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