Hanoi , Vietnam



Ha Noi is like a dream come true, is quiet and slow, is early to bed and rises up before the sun, is the charm of Vietnam, and is fascinating in so many ways. The architecture is wonderful, not mention the street life style is various and delicious. 70% of people living in Hanoi barely speaks English, but they can easily buy you free beer for randomly watching the football match in a local bia hoi near them. Hanoi is truly a place that “makes youself like home”.

$29 / $47
I can create a fun tour with my sense of humor
Nguyen Van Giang
$31 / $63
I am a responsible and easy going person
$21 / $30
I'm quite flexible and can solve the problems. I wanna make tourists happy and know more about Vietnam cultures. I like to work freely, not in the office so this job is very suitable for me. My goal is not to do it for money but for passion.
Quang Hoang
$19 / $28
I am an adventure-seeker with great navigational skills, formal training in tourism management, outgoing and friendly personality, goal-driven and dedicated and open-mindedness to others’ opinions and ideas, etc.
Hiep Tour guide
$31 / $56
Funny, discover all aspect of Vietnamese culture, daily life and beautiful landscape
Thuy Quynh
$13 / $25
I think it would be better to use "different" instead of "special". My differences are wrapped in 2 words: sincerity and responsibility. It is the key to making people believe in you and living freely. Smile more, go more places and share more to enjoy your youth.
Vo Phan
$31 / $44
I like history, culture, art, polictic
Son Nguyen
$25 / $56
You want to know what make us Vietnamese? I can get you to the perspective you have never known. I call it the true discovery!
$38 / $63
There are three words that tell about myself. That is enthusiasm, humor and friendly. I'm also an active person and like to communicate with everyone. I make some relationship with stranger, and I will make it become better. I'd like to eat foods, drink milk tea and especially go shopping. I always smile with everyone because I have a positive spirit when I meet some trouble in my life. You can share everything to me and I will give you some advice that is best for you
$63 / $94
I think my confident as well as experince help tourist have many the enjoyable things when they travel in VietNam
Nhi Nguyen
$38 / $69
I've been working as a tour guide for two years, been organizing my own tours and also working for a company. I believe with my experience and languages, I can be flexible and give the tourists the best experience of their trip in Ha Noi. For me, being a tour guide is also being a local buddy, who loves to travel with new friends to exchange new culture as well. Though it might be a trip to familiar places, it will always be fun and new with new people. To learn is to live!
Hoang Phuc
$25 / $44
Tôi luôn mang đến cho bạn những trải nghiệm mới mẻ khi đến thăm đất nước tôi
Hanh Nguyen
$63 / $100
Thích khám phá trải nghiệm
Linh Lullaby
$50 / $100
Nhiệt tình, tự tin
Gam Nguyen
$38 / $69
There is a bun of places you can visit in Vietnam. If normal stuff is fine with you then just looking for information on internet, they will guide you. But if you want a special adventure which you can enjoy every minute of your journey, then let me be your friend. I promise I will not show you just famous places you've heard about Vietnam. I will lead you to where only local people know and I guarantee you'll be suprised ^^. Let's take a look at my facebook page and you'll know what I mean.
Nhan Nguyen
$31 / $56
i am a positive person and i will impart energy to everyone
$19 / $38
My name is Annie. I was born to travel and I love responsible tourism. That is why I choose tourism as my passion and career. Now I have done a “Keep Travelling” for years and been to most parts of Vietnam, Indochina, love to explore local culture, daily life and the remote areas, also I want to share my experiences to international friends around the world about Vietnam culture. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Thanh Huyen
$31 / $63
I know everything that u want to know about my country
$44 / $75
I'm very friendly and enthusiastic, eager to show the foreigners the beauty of Vietnam. Im confident in my ability to help then enjoy the best of their trip in Vietnam
Hong Minh
$38 / $63
I think it is my knowledge, my sense of humor and the love for my country. Beside, I am a photographer, so I can make a photo-tour, take nice pictures in every nice place around this city for you!
$19 / $38
I love traveling, go out and talk to people
Thu Nga
$38 / $63
No sé, quizás me guste mucho espanol, intentaré hacer cualquiera cosa que lo relaciona para ganar mi objetivo.
$38 / $88
Friendly to help ppl discover HaNoi
Phuong Le
$34 / $75
Anh Dung
$25 / $38
Iam Mr Dung Nguyen who the tour guide in ha noi-viet nam.I love travel,meet people everyday,make fun,play sport especialy in taichi and kungfu.I smile all the time.... all the people met me said that I was younger than my age...I hope to meet you soon.....thank you........and I wish all of you have a good lives.
Loan Doan
$19 / $38
I am the fourth year student at the Hanoi University of science and technology. I have 6- month experience as a local guide at Hanoi free private tour. I really like to become a tour guide. I want to challenge my ability from your company
Thu Pham
$19 / $31
Vi Thuy
$63 / $113
I am willing to experience new things
Linh Lullaby
$44 / $69
My firends said about me that I have a cold face, but when people gradually get closer to me they found out an energy and optimist inside myself. Sometimes, I feel there some thing really adventurous and fearless of me. I am still on the way to discover myself
$50 / $69
I'm a Hanoian born and bred which gives me a taste for the best street food bites and contemporary fine dining. I have traveled across the country and the world which enhanced my international mind-set and passions for travel. I'm an enthusiastic person who loves meeting people from all over the world.
Cuong Anh
$38 / $63
I love Hanoi. I grew up in Hanoi so since I was a little boy my father usually take me and my brother wondering around the old street, taking photos with his film camera and eat local foods from the street vendors. These memories make Hanoi become a part of me. I'm a destination wedding photographer so I know how to make customer feel comfortable, I can show them how beautiful and unique Hanoi is and still let them have their private time. And after all, I want to be their friend, not just someone do it for money.
Nhung Truong
$44 / $69
i'm dynamic and full of enthusiasm
$50 / $69
I'm just myself who you will learn about.
Trang Phan
$63 / $125
If traveling is like a buffet, let me help you choose the most unique and authentic ! I am a freelance artist and designer who is more than happy to bring out the hidden cultural & artistic sides of my capital city to travelers. From the nostalgic atmosphere of traditional architecture to vivacious rhythm of the young city and fresh breath of nature, I am willing to accompany you from sunrise to sunset and inspire you with various conversations. If you want to feel the vital soul of a land, to know more than what meet the eyes and discover it in a way like never before, then I am yours.
$38 / $63
I'm friendly, open-minded, I love travelling and passionate
Johnny Nguyen
$75 / $138
Fluent English with understanding in depth about history and culture as well as culinary art. One of the top tour guides in town
Vi Nguyen
$67 / $133
Hi there! Vi’s here. I’m a 26 year old entrepreneur and event planner expert. I’m currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam. What I love about Hanoi is not just what lies within the city but what is around it. I enjoy taking day trips to the countryside and participate in different activities such as cooking class, kayaking, pottery making, photography, camping and festivals. If you are the adventurous type who loves to discover new experiences and learn new skills, I’m your girl. On my trip you’ll emerge yourself in the most authentic culture experience and discover more about yourself. I will guide you through the journey that we create together but best part is that the tour will be designed and catered specifically for you and your crew.
Viet Phuong
$23 / $38
I love travelling and introduce some destinations, landscapes for tourists but I still a student. So I need a job with flexible time and this position in your company is good for me.
Toan Trinh
$20 / $33
strong and positive; have a huge passion for travelling and want to make friends with other people.
Quynh Anh
$33 / $53
I have shared Andrew Murphy's firm belief that "You're confined only by the walls you build yourself". You can only live once, but it doesn't mean that you can not "live more than one life in more than one place". That goes a long way towards explaining why I love languages, reading and travelling. I've so far challenged myself with English, Chinese and Spanish; though the road is rough and the going gets tough, the fruits are so much sweeter than expected. In addition, I've cherished the dreams of travelling as much as I can and as my personal opinion, "travelling" here is not meant to move outside a comfort zone to step in another one, but to try your best to integrate yourself into the local society in order to "feel" it: live as a local, taste local food and learn about new cultures and let's imagine how much it sounds good to communicate with a local by his language. And more to the point, that perspective on travelling has taught me some valuable lessons of putting myself in other' shoes to see what they, hear what they hear and feel what they feel!
$27 / $60
Hola, mi nombre es Tra, o puedes llamarme Gloria. Tengo 26 años y soy de Hanoi, Vietnam. Me considero una persona positiva, si algo me sucede como no esperaba, solo pienso en el lado positivo y sigo moviéndome, esforzándome por hacerlo la próxima vez. Hablo castellano, inglés y vietnamita, pues un poquitito de portugués.
Khanh Hoan
$33 / $60
大家好!我叫范庆环。我在银行工作。我很喜欢跟你们打交道。我的目的是跟你们交流。我希望你们会喜欢我们的首都。 I want to make friends with all over the world. Unfortunately, my English is too bad to be a tour guide. My Chinese is set to Hsk5 level, I hope to have many Chinese friends come to Hà Nội.
Vuong Tran
$27 / $53
Phu Nguyen
$27 / $53
I am a honest person. I can easily to build relationship with other and make people around me feeling happy due to my respect, humor while interaction. In my thought everyone is equal, has their own favorite, characteristics so I always try to avoid discrimination, negative thinking, judgment. Hence, smiles are always in my lips and it can attract others smiles.
Vuong Tran
$27 / $53
$24 / $40
I love to introduce you about the foods, famous locations, cultures and something like that in Vietnam. Vietnamese people are very friendly and kind. I wish you could enjoy your time in my country. We can go hangout together, can be friends. Most important I hope you will be excited about that.
$33 / $53
My name is Thuy Dung. I have a tendency to be extrovert that is why i like traveling and exploring new things. There are many interesting things in life relied on each person's perception in different moment. I hope to take advantage of my perception to bring something new and special about Vietnam for you.
Huong Duong
$33 / $67
The one who loves his favorite thing tends to keep it for himself instead of sharing with the others. But a person who loves his city has a tendency of feeling delighted to introduce that city to the visitors. As a Hanoian, I like wandering along the streets, watching people in the Old Quarter live their normal lives and visiting the places to which my childhood belongs. Priding myself on being a resident here, I would love to grab the chance of guiding 'un-Hanoians' on the trip to experience the life of ordinariness and happiness in the more-than-1000-year-old city.
Khanh Nguyen
$24 / $40
Hi guys, I am Ngoc Khanh. I am friendly, funny and liking to laugh. Specially, i am a person loving discovering new things so i will take you to hidden places where you will never come if you accompany a tour. Sound interesting, right? I hope to have a chance to show you the beauty of Ha Noi capital, I guarantee that you will have an unforgettable trip.
Hien Pham
$53 / $80
Phuong Hoang
$27 / $53
My name is Phuong. I love travelling to discover new places, meet new people and talk to the local. I am glad to help international friends experience our culture and cuisine.
Thi Nguyen
$16 / $27
Hi there, my name is Thi, but you can simply call me "T" (or Tea, if you like). You might find me unfriendly and cold-hearted when you first see me, but the opposite things will come after a friendly smile and a warm welcome, just like my profile (*wink *wink). If you would like to grab a beer and enjoy the music at night, I would be glad to accompany with you. Otherwise, whether you wish to have a cup of egg coffee in the early morning, watching the view towards the lake and waiting for the sun to rise up to the top, feel free to make a call. And, there are more to a simple life in Hanoi rather than just stay around the center of the city (Hồ Gươm Lake's area) , which I would be happy to introduce to you. Thank you for patiently reading! <3 <3 <3
Truong Mai
$56 / $31
life is a highway
Annie Vu
$60 / $89
This is Annie Possible
$33 / $67
Ready to show you the Hanoi that you'll absolutely love.
Trung Nguyen
$15 / $31
Hi. I am kind of people who's funny, enthusiastic
Lynn Viet
$27 / $53
Give me some places you want to go, some foods you're curious to taste or activities you hope to participate in... I will try my best to be a useful guide for you to have the best experiences. Cause 'Travel' is all about diving into the local culture, architecture... which I am also fascinated by.
Thao Lope
$24 / $40
I'm a small girl with a big dream that I can proudly introduce my country to oversea friends. I can't be a professional tourguide but I can help you to be a local in Vietnam.
$44 / $75
My name is Thịnh, but people often call me Nick. I come from Hanoi. I enjoy the simple things in life. Being happy is a state of mind, and I don't think people should settle for less than they deserve. I always look toward the next best thing. I like seeing other people happy. That's the reason why I am attended for this job. Life has thrown me challenges, and so far, I've come out on top. I realized who my real friends are, and that my family always comes first..always. Travel is a passion of mine. I love music and chilling with my friends. Game of Thrones is my favorite TV shows.. There is more to life than beauty on the outside. It's about what's on the inside. It is the same about Hanoi, you can see the outside beauty of it, yet what inside is more important. that's what really counts.
Huyen Nguyen
$27 / $53
I am one of dynamic Vietnamese youngsters. Being an extrovert, I would like to explore new things and share those experiences with other people. Although chances for overseas has not come up, I am very interested in getting acquainted with foreigners and their cultures in Vietnam. I traveled throughout Vietnam, my fatherland. Vietnam is exquisitely charming, and I love it!
Hoa Le
$47 / $80
Hallo there, This is Hoa. I was born and grew up in the Central of Vietnam; went to school and worked for a few years in the South; moved and have been working in the North for 4 years now - That helps me to have a lovely look at the life and people as well as experience more on life. I love to talk, make friends with others and connect people - then together we will see how nice the life is. Let's say hi!