Ha Noi is like a dream come true, is quiet and slow, is early to bed and rises up before the sun, is the charm of Vietnam, and is fascinating in so many ways. The architecture is wonderful, not to mention the street life style is various and delicious. 70% of people living in Hanoi barely speaks English, but they can easily buy you free beer for randomly watching the football match in a local bia hoi near them. Hanoi is truly a place that “makes youself like home”.


Viet Nam - Hanoi


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Shinegi Duong

$11.75 per hour
I believe everyone is special and you're always good enough for something and someone. About me, I feel thankful when I have a positive attitude whenever I get started doing something or meet new people. Possibly, I've got it through meetups with ...(more)


$13.25 per hour
친절한 사람이고 항상 즐겁게 살다 ~^^


$8.38 per hour
Ready to show you the Hanoi that you'll absolutely love.


$10.00 per hour
Thân thiện


$8.38 per hour
亲爱的朋友!欢迎你来河内,很高兴可以跟你见面。河内是越南的首都,不但是一个古老的城市而姐美食非常好吃的。“吃喝玩乐”就是我们的目标,希望我们可以留下很多美好的回忆 ^^

Nguyễn Bảo Châm

$5.00 per hour
Hàng Khay, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Hà Nội cổ kính và thơ mộng.

Anthony Cruickshank

$5.00 per hour
Hà Nội, Vietnam
It's lovely

Dau Thi Thu Thuy (Melanie Dau)

$4.00 per hour
Hà Nội, Vietnam
❌❌❌Hanoi is terrible!❌❌❌ ✔ People do not know english But they are too friendly ✔The traffic is messy, you cannot cross the street yourself. But there is always a people who ready to help you out. ✔The food is unsafe somehow But it is vary and s...(more)


$5.00 per hour
Unnamed Road, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
I was born and live in Hanoi, though not in its Center but these long time makes me love this land so much and eager to learn new things about it and it soul everyday. As a nature of a person who love travelling a lot and learning about Tourism, I...(more)

Thuy Quynh

$3.38 per hour
I think it would be better to use "different" instead of "special". My differences are wrapped in 2 words: sincerity and responsibility. It is the key to making people believe in you and living freely. Smile more, go more places and share more to ...(more)

Rosie Nguyen

$11.75 per hour
Hi everyone! I'm Rosie, i wanna share to everybody about Vietnam culture and food with foreigner. I'm patience and extremely humorous, kindly and friendly. I hope to make friends from other parts of the world who can share with me their life stori...(more)

Ngọc Dung

$7.25 per hour
Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Hà Nội có rất nhiều điều bất ngờ dành cho bạn


$5.00 per hour
I am enthusiastic, humorous and responsible

Bao Yen

$11.75 per hour
제가 하노이학에 대해 공부했는데 하노이의 역사와 명소 잘 아는다. 그리고 많이 먹으나까 맛있는 음식 잘아는다

Trang Pikachu

$8.38 per hour
Hà Nội, Vietnam
Near Hoan Kiem lake


$10.00 per hour
안녕하세요~~~ 저는 여러분과 같이 한국과 베트남 문화를 교류하고 싶습니다. 그리고, 여러분들에게 하노이의 예쁜 곳들과 음식들을 소개하고 싶습니다.


$8.38 per hour
I’m good-looking, energetic, calm and have the good knowlege. I can give my guests a really memorable tour.

Tit Uyen

$10.88 per hour
Die Mühe, Schritt für Schritt

Đức Long

$17.50 per hour
Phố Trần Thái Tông, Hà Nội, Thành Phố Hà Nội, Việt Nam
하노이 시내 및 부근 지역의 전통과 별미를 세계 친구들에게 소개하려고 합니다

Pham Thanh Thuy

$5.00 per hour
Trương Định, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Hanoi is a very nice and developing city. You can be impressed by charming and historical places in hanoi. You can try a cup of great hanoi style coffee and have a try with great street foods and traditional foods.

Linh Phung

$5.00 per hour
Phố Lê Thánh Tông, Hà Nội, Thành Phố Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Old & Fun city

Nguyễn Tuyết Nhi

$5.00 per hour
Đường Cầu Diễn, Hanoi, Thành Phố Hà Nội, Vietnam
This location used to be a surburd areas. But now it’s included in urban counterpart.

Trang Sayuri

$20.00 per hour
. 제 장점은 긍정적인 생각을 갖는 것입니다. 아무리 어려 운 일이 닥치더라도 할 수 있다는 긍정적안 마음을 가진다면 잘 극복할 수 있다고 생각합니다


$10.00 per hour
I'm Phuong and my English name is Alice. Born and raised in Hanoi. I am now working in hospitality industry, the kind of industry that put people first and do everything to make guests' stay memorable. With my insight knowledge of local histories,...(more)

Chi Mai

$5.00 per hour
Ngách 342/59 Đường Khương Đình
Nice food, café, lovely lake


$8.38 per hour
I have responsibility with what i do


$5.75 per hour
I'm quite flexible and can solve the problems. I wanna make tourists happy and know more about Vietnam cultures. I like to work freely, not in the office so this job is very suitable for me. My goal is not to do it for money but for passion.

Quach Thanh

$11.75 per hour
First thing first, as someone who used to work for Hanoikids - a popular non-profit organization that offers foreigners free tours, I am fairly confident I'll be able to be a fantastic local buddy with the experience of roughly 100 tours under my ...(more)


$10.00 per hour
я обещаю принести иностранным путешественникам самые лучшие опыты и незабываемое времяпровождение во Вьетнаме!


$5.00 per hour
Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Hanoi is small capital city. It served very good food in days and nights and in every nook and cranny. It is noisy city with many motorbikes and cars, it's true. But it could not deny that it is definately charming and attractive city.

Hien Pham

$10.00 per hour

Ngân Quỳnh

$8.75 per hour
Hoàng Hoa Thám, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
It's interesting in our own way


$15.00 per hour
活泼,友善,谦虚, 喜欢结识新朋友

Nguyễn Ngọc Bích (Annie)

$5.00 per hour
Ngõ Láng Thượng, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
The capital of Vietnam, The Old Quater, Long Bien Bridge, Hoa Lo prison and many many places

Hoang Van thu

$5.00 per hour
Đường Kim Giang, Hanoi, Thành Phố Hà Nội, Vietnam

Lý Phương Linh

$5.00 per hour
Hà Nội
Thủ Đô của Việt Nam

Lucas Tran

$8.75 per hour
Phố Đội Cấn
The foreign artist community, cheap places with good views for hanging out

Hien Anh Ngo

$5.00 per hour
Phố Cửa Đông
In the city center, close to most tourist attractions in Hoan Kiem District.


$7.50 per hour
I'm Peter, 20 years old. I'm young, energetic, knowledgable and enthusiastic. I always take responsibility what I did. I want to become a tour guide to know more people come from all around the world. I love learning the culture and history.


$11.75 per hour
My name is Thịnh, but people often call me Nick. I come from Hanoi. I enjoy the simple things in life. Being happy is a state of mind, and I don't think people should settle for less than they deserve. I always look toward the next best thing. I l...(more)

Duy Khanh

$10.00 per hour
Выглажу не общительный человек, но на самом деле я люблю новые знакомства, слушать как люди говорят о своем переживанием. Всегда готов помогать туристам узнать больше о Ханое и о Вьетнаме.

Ty Nguyen

$10.00 per hour
Hi everyone! I'm Ty, I would like to introduce everybody about Vietnamese culture and food. I'm kindly, enthusiastic and friendly. I hope to make friends with all of you on the world who also can share with me your life stories, cultures, and your...(more)

Đặng Minh

$5.00 per hour
Đông Tác, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Thủ đô đất nước Việt Nam

Anh Dung

$6.75 per hour
Iam Mr Dung Nguyen who the tour guide in ha noi-viet nam.I love travel,meet people everyday,make fun,play sport especialy in taichi and kungfu.I smile all the time.... all the people met me said that I was younger than my age...I hope to meet you ...(more)

Thanh Nga

$10.00 per hour
제가 친철하고 책임감이 강한 편이에요. 여러분께 우리 문화 우리 나라에 대해 더 알려 드리고 싶기 때문에 이 서비스를 해요. 여러분은 베트남에 게시는 동안 제미있는 체험과 예쁜 기억을 남기 위해 정성을 다하겠습니다.

Le Duc Minh

$10.00 per hour
Trải nghiệm nhiều nơi, tiếng trung cơ bản, tiếng anh giao tiếp

Ly Van Thai

$8.25 per hour
Đường vành đai 3, Hà Nội, Vietnam
I can take you to some place to explore Hanoi culture, history, nice place to eat and drink.

Annie Possible

$15.00 per hour
This is Annie Possible

Nguyen Bui Binh Nguyen

$5.00 per hour
Phố Bắc Cầu, Hà Nội, Vietnam
This is the city that I grew up in and love. Rest assured you'll be convinced to love it as I do

Nguyen thùy linh

$5.00 per hour
Phố Tư Đình, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Lovely city