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Say hello to Huy Phú, a Local Buddy who loves Hanoi with all his heart

Mike Nguyen
Phú is a passionate and enthusiastic Local Buddy who loves the opportunity to connect with people from different cultures and share his own. For him, being a Local Buddy is not just a job, but a way to connect with the world and showcase the unique and beautiful aspects of his culture.

Being a Local Buddy - A chance to learn and share about culture

With a deep appreciation for the diversity of people and cultures, Phú sees being a Local Buddy as an opportunity to learn as much as he teaches. Through his interactions with visitors, he gains a unique perspective on different cultures and traditions, and is able to share his own experiences and stories as a local.


A guy who loves Hanoi to bits

Phú takes great delight in bringing guests to Hanoi's thriving culture, extensive history, and delectable cuisine. His warm and welcoming personality makes him the perfect guide for anyone who wants to explore the city with a true local and gain a deeper understanding of its people and culture.


Whether you're interested in learning about ancient temples, trying new foods, or simply getting to know the local people, Phú is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.


Phú also loves carrying his travelers by motorbike

He told us that whenever he can, he always carries his travelers by motorbike, as it is the most popular vehicle in Vietnam. 


As a local, he knows the city's roads like the back of his hand and loves to take visitors on a thrilling ride through the bustling streets.

For many travelers, the experience of riding on the back of a motorbike is a highlight of their trip to Hanoi. It allows them to experience the city from a new perspective and to get up close and personal with its vibrant culture and street life.


Phú takes great care to ensure that his guests are comfortable and safe during the ride, providing helmets and driving responsibly at all times. He also uses his knowledge of the city to avoid traffic and take the most scenic routes, giving his guests an unforgettable experience.

A memorable experience with a couple of traveler

Phú led a trip with an overseas Vietnamese couple, Mrs. Phương and her husband. It was a Vietnamese-speaking trip because Mrs. Phương said she liked to talk in her mother-tongue even when she was not very fluent in it. 

Through the trip, the overseas Vietnamese couple was able to taste the authentic flavors of their hometown and learn about the culinary traditions that had been passed down through generations. Phú shared stories and insights about the dishes they tried, giving his guest a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of each dish.


But the trip was not just about the food. Phú also took his guest to some of the most beautiful and iconic spots in Hanoi, from the ancient temples to the picturesque lakes. He shared his love for the city and its people, giving his guest a sense of the rich history and vibrant culture that make Hanoi so unique. The trip with Phú allowed them to connect with their roots and experience the beauty and flavors of her hometown in a truly immersive way.

Like Hong Minh and T, Phú's passion for the city and his dedication to providing exceptional experiences for his guests make him a standout Local Buddy and a true ambassador for Hanoi. Tubudd is always happy that Phú loves being our Local Buddy.

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