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Personalised Tour: Best Way to See Vietnam

Mike Nguyen
Have you ever walked on the street and come across an image of another young person with unique Vans shoes that you have never seen, even though you are a genuine Vans believer? Then most likely you have the right pair of custom Vans already. The custom movement has been established for a long time and is popular in the fashion world because of its individuality and unique style characteristics. Likewise, customizing a trip with your own personal imprint is no longer a luxury option. Especially in Vietnam, a country that is hospitable, cheap and full of local cultural places.

Tired of standard travel itineraries and average service?

COVID led us to re-assess practically everything about our lives, including our travel habits. After months of being trapped indoors dreaming up our future travels, cookie-cutter itineraries simply won’t cut it anymore.

Travel has always been about personal experience, but the industry must now prepare to take things a step further.

With the cost of living - and travel - increasing, holidaymakers want their trips to be transformative, not throwaway. This meansthink-outside-the-box adventures that are personalised in virtually every way. Hyper-personalised, if you will.


Potential and advantages of Inbound tourism in Vietnam

Vietnam is a tropical country with mostly mountainous terrain (accounting for three-quarters of the territory), mostly low hills, and plains only accounting for one-quarter of the area. On a national scale, lowland plains and hills (under 1,000 m) account for 85% of the area. With a total area of 331,212 km2 with forest coverage up to 42% 1. Vietnam has valuable natural resources that can be combined with conservation and development of nature tourism, adventure sports tourism and other activities: Including 2: 33 national parks; 59 millennium reserves; 13 species conservation areas; 9 biosphere reserves; 54 landscape protection zones.


Vietnam has a coastline of 3,260 km with many beautiful beaches and bays that are rarely found anywhere in the world. Vietnam was voted by the World Travel Awards as the top destination in Asia in 2018, 2019, and 2021 with many outstanding destinations, which has affirmed the brand in the world such as Quang Binh, the destination ranked 8th out of 52 destinations. hottest in the world (New York Times 2014); Ha Long Bay - Asia's leading tourist destination, Hoi An - Asia's leading cultural city destination, Cuc Phuong National Park - Asia's leading national park (World Travel Awards 2021); system of modern tourist accommodation facilities and won many prestigious awards in the world.

With this potential and advantage, Vietnam has a best way to see attracting the attention of international tourists with high growth rate. However, Vietnam has not yet created world-class tourism products that any tourist in the world wants to visit once in a lifetime. This is both a weakness but also an opportunity for Vietnam to develop new types of tourism in order to position Vietnam differently from neighboring countries.

Personal travel: Best way to see Vietnam

Among all Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is the country with the most developed tourism industry at the moment. Travel blogs such as intrepidtravel, Skift ... are highly valued for the quality of tourism here, or famous televisions: BBC, ABC, SBS... all have beautiful footage to promote tourism in the country. From a country where services only occupied a secondary position compared to agriculture and services in 1990. Up to now, Vietnam is ranked among the top in Asia in terms of the number of tourists, or even the quality of tourism improving day by day.

DSC03289 (1).JPG
DSC03289 (1).JPG

However, one of the things that makes Vietnam highly appreciated is that it is sufficient for personal travel. There are many activities and travel experiences in Vietnam. Some of our travelers' favorite things to do along the tourist trail in Vietnam include kayaking in Ha Long Bay, visiting the Imperial Citadel in Hue, wearing custom-made clothes in Hoi An, boating through Mekong Delta and take a few bike tours into the more rural parts of the country…. These services focus on the personal experiences of visitors, making it a huge impression on customers when coming to Vietnam.


Compared to other travel trends, they have the advantage of being proactive in terms of time, unaffected by anyone and importantly, making all decisions during their trip. The development of technology is a driving factor to the birth of personal travel, moreover the sharing economy also helps a lot to the trip of today's tourists.

There are so many best way to see Vietnam. Specifically, research from TrekkSoft on the number of searches for the keywords “solo female travel” and “solo travel” recorded 2,900 searches in September 2017, an increase of 52% compared to October 2016. January 2016. In 2018, “solo travel” and “travel alone” became the most searched keywords on Google. When searching for “Solo female travel blog” information, Google returns more than 2.45 million results.


Website solotravelerworld.com says the number of people signing up to receive personal travel information through the platform has grown from 25,500 to 30,000 in 2017, up 37% from its inception in 2009. According to Booking.com, up to 40% of Baby Boomers travelers using the Booking platform in 2018 had traveled individually in the previous year, and 21% will be inclined to travel individually in the future. It can be seen that this trend is creating great potential for travel agencies in the market today. It creates a new type of service, attracts more potential customers, in addition, it also helps the industry as a whole to be assessed as having more choices. Vietnam is full of resources and people to develop, if taking advantage and grasping this trend, units in Vietnam will achieve a huge amount of revenue.

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