Hoi An , Vietnam


Hoi An

Ancient and peaceful, Hoi An is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam that caters to travellers of all tastes and across the continents.

$40 / $80
Активный, самоуверенный и честный человек, веду здоровый образ жизни , активная жизненная позиция, хорошо знаю местность. Люблю путешествовать, общаться с людьми и изучать нового
Thai An
$80 / $147
I have been to more than 20 countries, and have met different people from all over the world, I can use this experiences to analyze what people would love and to give them the best experience of Vietnam
Huy Robii
$47 / $80
Hello, My name is Huy Leimar Nguyen Van. I’m luckily raise and born in the most beautiful city in VietNam, DaNang city. Maybe a proudest citizens so I want to convey the culture, food, stories for any tourist interesting in VietNam. My strengh is comunication skill which horned throughout my time line as reception, waiter and saleman. Furthermore, my hobby is meeting new people that can enable to share and learn from them. Lastly, Problem Solving is a useful skill that help me to overcome amount of issues which I have met and TourGuide is no exception.
Hoang Anh
$60 / $93
Hello, my name's Anh and I am living in Da Nang city. I am a friendly person, I am really glad to share you the special things of the culture in centre of Vietnam when you come to here and take you to the interesting places for enjoying very good traditional food and beverage. I wish you a memorable trip in Vietnam!
Ly Pham Anh
$13 / $27
All of guest is my friends
Nguyen Anh
$67 / $93
성적과 경험
David Dai
$27 / $60
I can show you about my hometown . How is it special?
$53 / $93
Điều mà làm tôi cảm thấy mình đặc biệt nhất là khả năng học hỏi từ những người xung quang và biến nó thành thứ riên biệt của mình và tôi luôn có một nguồn năng lượng dồi dào để đưa mọi người đi tìm hiểu mọi nơi ở Đà Nẵng cũng như đất nước Việt Nam
Tom Vo
$33 / $53
I' ve been a local guide for 3 years, I good at taking care people and I have never been complanied about anything. I have good. I know a lot about history and culture
$40 / $67
좋은 여해되고싶이면 맛있는 음식 드셔야됩니다 ~~ 친구야 밥 같이 먹자 !!
Mia Pham
$33 / $47
I live in Hoi An now and already been here for 8 months. I love discovering local food, local culture and share it to the other people. I can take you around and try local food, especially coffee, I will show the best coffee in Hoi An cause I love coffee
Thuy Dang
$37 / $71
$33 / $67
Hi guys!!! The best way to travel is do as the locals do, and I'll be the one who takes you to many amazing local places in Da Nang or Hoi An and be your best buddy. I was considered to be friendly, fun, genuine and knowledgeable. I love meeting people around the world, can't wait to see you!!!
Van Trung
$33 / $40
I'm generally knowledgeable, helpfull, friendly, and skillful. I have been tour guide for 5 years. Took so many tours vissitting alot of famous sighseeing places around central Viet Nam. I love seeing new people and sharing knowledge to each other.
Truong Cong Tuoc
$33 / $60
Local life riders unpublic tourist is created to help travellers have a chance to: Provide travellers with truly enjoyable, meaningful adventures and authentic culture experiences at the same time to create opportunities for exploring the real beauty of places on the wheels. High level services from riders. Taste our delicious local food, moreover you can choose what food you would like to eat. Explore many places unpublic tourist. Know more about Vietnamese culture and history from the real local person. Have many different perspectives about the local people’s lifestyle. Enjoy the beauty of places and human here. Especially, save your time to search information and break your language barrier in our country by joining with our enthusiastic guides. Our believing: “YOUR EXPERIENCES ARE UNIQUE”
Mike Ho
$40 / $67
What makes me special is the value i would bring to customer : a bunch of local knowledge and a plenty of joy
Ngoc Quy
$27 / $53
I have funny all time
$27 / $60
Do you want to travel around VietNam ? i'm here, a person who is enthusiastic, full of energy for you! I will take you on a journey to the most beautiful and fascinating places. Get inspiration and essentials with my travel guide for your next trip, holiday, vacation or simply enjoy and get tips about all the location for good food and shopping handmade stuffs ... It is yours to discover!
$27 / $40
Hi, I'm clover, a funny and crazy person. Having tried different positions, I find out that moving and making friends are what attract me. I wanna take any chances to make my life more meaningful. Here it is! And, I'm crazy about food, if any of you wanna try food here, tell me, I'll be your food guide! (Even when I don't pass this)
Huu Luat
$47 / $93
I am a funny guy, who was born and raised in Da Nang City, Vietnam. I love to travel and share my pride about our country, our city to all of visitors. I was a lecturer in Hospitality and Vietnamese Culture in a Private University, so if you interested in, Traditional Food, Culture and History, call me.
$13 / $27
Hi ! I'm Hiền and my nickname is Lion . I'm living in Vietnam . In my hometown have alot beautiful sights . And i will help you discover that