Ha Long , Vietnam


Ha Long

Trang Phan
$29 / $53
Ha Long is where I was born and raised, I have witnessed how this lovely city evolved. Firstly, I know by heart the terrain and almost places to enjoy the traditional specialties, for example, Chả Mực, Bánh cuốn, Seafood noodle and some delicious foods in my hometown. Secondly, I am a dynamic person, I always want to introduce my city, my country to the foreigners, and receive knowledge about new the lands from them. We can share the wonderful experiences of our adventures. Last but not least, I have graduated from Faculty Of Foreign Languages - Thai Nguyen University, I am confident in my languages skills. Hence, I hope that I can bring the interesting things to travellers.
Long Tran
$13 / $31
My name is Long. I was born and grew up in Ha Long City. I love and respect each of the landscapes of my hometown. I want to share my love and a little experience about my hometown to you! Just give me a chance, thank you !