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7 Especially Interesting Things In Da Nang Culture

Thien Nguyen
Da Nang "holds" the footsteps of tourists by its beautiful natural scenery with many unique and attractive attractions and many interesting things that you may not know.

Da Nang is a young city on the East Sea coast not only has beautiful natural scenery, bustling life, but also leaves a deep impression in the hearts of visitors with unique and unforgettable cultural features.


Do you know anything about Da Nang culture yet? If you are learning about this coastal city to prepare for the upcoming trip, let's find out with Tubudd 7 particularly interesting points in Da Nang culture.

1. Impressive cultural architectural works

As a colony of French colonialists for a period of more than half a century, restrained by the policy of stupidity, Da Nang does not have cultural developments such as museums, theatres, newspapers, etc. as rich as other lands.


In this city, now you can only feel the unique cultural imprint of Da Nang, especially in the Museum of Cham Sculpture built by the French in 1930. In addition, there are a number of other works. also imbued with Da Nang culture such as Railway Station, Air Station, Harbor, etc.

2. Genuine and gentle people

Most of the original Da Nang people come from the working class, live near the sea all year round, always live a simple, honest and spontaneous life. They are simple from the way they dress, talk, and behave with others. The honesty and frankness that Da Nang people show is associated with friendliness and gentleness, not making the other person feel unapproachable or lacking in sophistication. Arriving in Da Nang, every visitor must be impressed with the warm love of the people here.


If you are out on the street and unfortunately get lost, just drop in and ask people and you will receive directions to your destination right away. Accompanied by a friendly smile and not forgetting to advise a few other small issues. The people of Da Nang are so gentle and sincere, everyone who visits will feel warm, and anyone who leaves will feel nostalgic.

Or the way they argue with each other is sometimes amusing because their innate "sweet" voices don't match the argument at all.


Da Nang people are said to have a somewhat conservative personality, plus their outspokenness, something that makes them tend to like arguments. It is the small details in daily behavior that make them bring their own charm in the hearts of tourists after each trip to Da Nang.

The cultural lifestyle of Da Nang is a thing of pride of the people here, a destination that should be discovered by anyone when coming to this beautiful coastal city.

3. The familiar peaceful city life

As the economic center of the Central - Central Highlands region, Da Nang is not too noisy, but peaceful, strangely gentle.

Da Nang rarely has traffic jams honking loudly throughout the crossroads every morning or evening, and rarely has the scene of jostling, pushing and screaming in line to shop, etc. Instead, the rhythm of Da Nang's life is slow, peaceful as the name that people often call "a city worth living".


Traveling to Da Nang, you can feel the full rhythm of life here when you drop yourself on the blue stretch of the beach, stroll along the romantic Han River or find a coffee corner along the way to watch the flow of people pass by. Again, Immerse yourself in the peaceful rhythm of Da Nang life and no one wants to return to a busy life anymore.

4. Typical Buddhist culture

Da Nang is a city gathering the most typical Buddhist culture in the Central Highlands coastal region. There are many large and famous temples built here. Not only large-scale and sacred temples, but also many mysterious stories surrounding this land. This is always an ideal pilgrimage destination for Buddhist followers and a tourist destination in Da Nang for many tourists.


Some typical temples for Buddhist culture in Da Nang that you should visit such as Linh Ung Pagoda - Bai But, Tam Thai Pagoda (Ngu Hanh Son), Quan The Am Pagoda, ...

5. Long-standing Protestant culture

Da Nang Protestant Citadel is one of the first and oldest Protestant Citadel built in Vietnam with more than 100 years old. Therefore, besides Buddhism, Da Nang is also an ideal pilgrimage destination for Protestants.


6. Characteristic language

Da Nang's accent uses dense tone, if you first contact it, it will be quite difficult to hear and also difficult to understand. This is considered a big obstacle that makes many tourists unable to access to learn all the interesting special points in this Da Nang culture.


First of all, the Da Nang people's voice sounds quite different from the common voice and also uses many local words. However, to understand the voice quality is not so difficult as many people think, you will still easily guess what the speaker means through the context and easy listening sounds. Once you get used to it, you will feel that Da Nang's accent is special and love it again.

7. Culinary culture with the soul of Quảng

Danang cuisine is deeply influenced by neighboring Quang Nam. Some dishes that you can enjoy in the journey to discover Da Nang culinary culture such as Quang Noodles, Cao Lau, Bun Mam, Bun Cha Ca or Seafood, Nem Banh, Fish Salad, Banh Xeo, Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo,…


In particular, Quang noodles, just hearing the name, know that this is a typical dish of Quang people, present in every street corner of Da Nang. Quang noodles here have very little broth, just enough to make the noodles rich, not too much and too light.

The 7 interesting things in Da Nang culture that Tubudd shared above are just a small part of the many interesting things of Da Nang city. Take time with your loved ones to come here to experience and relax.

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