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Traveller Guidelines

Picking a Tubudd

Choosing the right buddy is simple and convenient; set your location, date, and length of your trip. When searching for your ideal Buddy make use of the filters to maximize your experience. You can pinpoint the most relevant Buddy for your needs. You can read reviews, see the Buddies level and trophies that they’ve received.

What can Tubudd do for me?

With Tubudd you can create unforgettable memories, see a city through the local’s point of view and take your journey to another level.

What’s included?

Simple. You receive expert knowledge of the City you’re visiting and gain a further insight into the local culture that’s unique to your buddy.

What’s not included?

Unless stated otherwise you’ll pay for your travel costs, admission fees or cost of food and beverages.

How many people?

There aren’t any extra costs for additional travelers but the buddies will state on their profile whether or not they accept groups. Please check and confirm this prior to booking.

Be travel smart!

Of course, we want you to enjoy your trip and feel free but be mindful of the fact that you are in a foreign country. Respect local law and culture, take care of your yourself and your personal belongings. The buddies aren’t your security guard and Tubudd doesn’t accept responsibility for any accidents or loss of items. On the rare occasion that you experience trouble, please contact us directly and report the incident to the local police.

What do I need to do?

Before traveling with Tubudd we advise you to charge your phone, contact your Buddy prior to the trip to confirm what you want to do, any allergies that you might have and your preference towards food. We recommend sharing your trip information with friends or relatives. For the booking process please click here.


Paying for the Tubudd service is safe and secure. We process all payments through Visa debit, credit card, and PayPal to ensure safety, if the buddy advises you pay cash in hand please kindly decline and report it to our customer service team promptly.

I’m going to be late!

At the end of the day, we’re all human and things do happen. If you can’t make it to the meet point on time, please let our team know when you can get there via the customer service team on the app or website.

Whoops, I need to cancel...

In the event of cancellation please refer to our refund policy.