Seoul , South Korea



Thanh Tuan
$59 / $117
Tính các hoà đồng và chia sẽ những điều mình biết.
Ngoc Diep
$67 / $133
활동적인 편이며 새로운것에 대한 흥미가 있고 색다른 인생에 대한 관심이 풍부한 거얼입니다
Mai Love
$200 / $267
Muốn giúp các bạn có chuyến du lịch vui vẻ, tự do và quên hết những căng thẳng của cuộc sống để có những giây phút vui vẻ nhất trong cuộc sống đáng quý này
Van Anh
$93 / $200
착한 성격이지만 착한 사람이 안 된다.
$67 / $120
My name is Cookie. I am fluent in Vietnamese and English, and my Korean is always improving due to some special advantages that only I have. I am from Vietnam and have been living and studying in Korea for a while. I know lots of places around Korea that can fit whatever you are interested in, whether you want to learn more about Korean culture or just see the city lights. Most of all, I will fulfill your appetite with various gorgeous Korean cuisines. I was born and raised in an Asian family-oriented environment, but having lived abroad and having studied Western culture. This not only made me to become a person with a big inquiring mind but also gave me the ability to adapt myself to new environment easily. That's why I can help you avoid any cultural faux-pas and explain some of the differences as well. I am a very extroverted person, so you're trip will never be boring with me. Having an enthusiastic tour-guide, like me, will make your trip to Korea even better.
Trang Pham
$67 / $133
I am a Vietnamese wanderlust and currently studying in Seoul, South Korea. Since I am really interested in different cultures, I would like to spend my free time traveling, taking pictures and exploring every corner of the country rather than just staying at home all the day. Anyone who is interested in Vietnamese culture or Korean culture (Kpop, Hallyu Stars, Drama, etc) and wants to do as the local people do, please contact me! I am happy to make friends with anyone!
Quang Nguyen
$73 / $120
Hello to everyone! My name is Ngoc Quang. I come from Vietnam, in the South East Asia. At the moment, I am studying Master Degree at Hanyang University and my major sector is chemistry. I have lived in Seoul for nearly three years. To get started, I am the first born and I have a younger sister. I was born in Hanoi, which is the capital of Vietnam. Actually, I am a responsible and disciplined person but sometimes stubborn and inflexible. I usually try as much as possible in order to control my time to keep the daily schedules punctually. Secondly, as I said above, my major subject is chemistry and my program at university is combined program. It was my favorite subject since I was at secondary school when I achieved the second prize of the city chemistry contest. At that time, I was really fascinated and happy, thus, I opted chemistry as the orientation when I studied at the High School forGifted Students (HSGS) in Hanoi. In general, I continue to follow my dream of chemist for five years to get the Ph.D in Seoul, Korea. I hope I will have more amazing moments here with international friends. I would like to introduce and guide you if you have any chance to visit and stay whether it is Seoul or Hanoi. Nice to meet everyone! Thank you very much!