HCMC , Vietnam



Ho Chi Minh is way more challenging and relaxing at the same time to vist. The city prefers to be called itself Saigon, and is the entertainment centre of the whole country. Saigon lives for the night, with the busy pub street and plenty of beer gardens along the streets. The traffic is tough, but you have to be out there to experience the international city like no other with a spirit you hard to describe. And plus, southern people have the sweetest voice ever.

Tommy Nguyen
$80 / $120
Enjoying every moment in my life. With my own experience, I'll let you know the best and the most charming part of HCMC.
Sally Dao
$67 / $120
陪你走进越南 南方人生活与历史
Thanh Phuong
$33 / $67
저는 능동적이고 유머가 있는 편이고요. 베트남에 모두 재미있는 곳에 외국인 사람들에게 소개해 주고 싶어요. 저랑 같이 가면 편하게 느낄 수도 있고 맛있는 음식을 배가 터질정도로 먹기도 해요. 완벽하고 잊지 못한 여행을 말들 거에요.
$60 / $120
자신감, 열정성, 행복함
Thi Le(티레)
$53 / $107
친절하고 재미있는 가이드.
$40 / $73
I am out going, easy to talk to, willing to learn
Travis Le
$40 / $80
I am a hip youngster, locally live in Saigon, knows a lot of good restaurants and have good driving skills
$40 / $73
well -treated as family member
$20 / $40
I know places in town, culture and got a cool vibe
Phuong Phung
$53 / $93
I am cheerful, a person who consider travelling is the vital part of my life and would like to share experience to other buddies
$33 / $53
Kind, reliable and responsible
Henry Duong
$40 / $80
Finally, the last thing makes me be particular person that is the confidence.
Xuan Nguyen
$27 / $53
I'm a young yet passionate person!
Thu Nga
$33 / $67
Me gusta una frase: " Ningún hombre es feliz si no piensa en si mismo".Todos los dias aprendo algo nuevo".
Nhuy Nguyen
$40 / $80
hola todos, soy una chica atractiva y interesante. Soy joven, por eso, me encanta viajar. Seguro que os llevo mucha cosa inolvidable
Andy Tran
$47 / $80
Tôi là một thanh niên trẻ với nhiều nhiệt huyết và hoài bão. Với kinh nghiệm nhiều năm trong lĩnh vực làm local guide cho khách du lịch và phiên dịch/biên dịch cho các công ty/tổ chức/sự kiện, tôi tin rằng tôi sẽ có thể thực hiện được công việc này một cách tốt nhất, đồng thời mang lại lợi ích thiết thực cho Tubudd Vietnam.
Mai Khalifa
$40 / $73
I have many tattoo 😁😁
$39 / $52
I am a boy born in the Mekong Delta, I have a strong interest in sharing the special culture of my hometown to tourists. For me, being a guide for you not only to promote my country but also to make friends with many people and learn more about the culture of The people in the world. I speak fluent English so the exchange with you will be easy. I am humorous and I have a lot of knowledge about local culture. Although you choose someone other than me, I hope that you will have a lot of memories of our country. Thank you.
$40 / $73
Lucie Van
$28 / $43
Hi my new friends. My name is Van. I am Saigonese and half Vietnamese half Chinese. Iam living in Chinatown. I know Saigon enough to show you what it is. I am easy going, like to smile, love travelling and exploring new things. Its my pleasure to be your private tour guide. Join with me and discover Saigon together. Thank you so much.
$40 / $67
Im a girl who fall in love with foods, adventures ,have a big dream to explore the world , to meet new poeple and learn more everyday
Hallie Ngo
$19 / $36
My name's Hanh (nickname's Hallie), I was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, I have been working in tourism industry for only short time and find out I am falling in love with it, that's why the idea of Tubudd stands out to me so much. Thanks to Tubudd, I will have an opportunity to show foreign friends our culture, creative, fun sides of the city, friendly and interesting people, one of the most tasty food in the world. I am willing to take you a motorbike, walking or even public bus tour to let you become a real Vietnamese locals. Looking forward to accompanying with you along amazing adventures.
$27 / $53
Hi! My name is Hang, 23 years old. I was born in the central of Vietnam but have been living in Ho Chi Minh City for 5 years. I really love this city because it makes me feel like home. There are many interesting things about this place that I want to show foreign friends. I am an active and humorous person who is always eager to make friends and exchange culture with people from all over the world. Let me be your companion, I will help you experience the local life and discover every corner of this charming city. Let's make your trip unforgettable!
$40 / $80
I'm third year student in Open University. Have been in this city for more than two years, i realize that i have a passion with being a tour guide in order to introduce our country's beauty to many foreigner friend. Friendly, enthusiastic and open-minded is my personality. My wish with Tubudds is to have English environment to use my english as well as know more friends in all over the world.
Vy Mai
$27 / $47
Saigon is my hometown and I really love this nice city. There is no corner of the city where I have never been to. Therefore, it would be my great honor to show you guys, my new friends, around the city and to let you discover more about my hometown. Since I am an outgoing person, I love making friends with new people coming from all over the world. Being your tour guide will be an advantage for me to improve my English skills as well as a chance to exchange Vietnamese culture with new friends. One special thing is that If you want to learn how to cook some Vietnamese traditional dishes, I can teach you :-). Let’s discover Saigon with me!
$20 / $27
A Vietnamese girl who enjoys differences and respect them. I choose to look at the positive side in people and develop thoughtfulness for myself .
Kelvin Nguyen
$20 / $40
Friendly, and full of energy. Love to learn more other country traditional
$20 / $35
My story of being keen on English is inspired from an actress starring a English-teaching tutor in High Kick - a Korean sitcom. For this reason, my biggest ambition is to become a English tutor which now comes true. Nonetheless, I will never stop here and I want to conquer new more interesting experiences, to be specific, including becoming a tour guide, a teaching assistant. Hopefully, choosing me as their tour guide will certainly be a important step to shorten distance to my dream of being a tour guide. Thank you so much for spending on reading it.
Huong Nguyen
$27 / $53
Hello! I have moved to Ho Chi Minh city to work for few months, and I realize that many corners in this city are fascinating - and bizzare sometimes. And I would love to share it with someone like you - who come to the city for adventures and new cultural experiences.
$25 / $40
Let's have a trip together and you will know what my "about me" is
Thao Tran
$20 / $40
My name is Thao. I'm 23 years old. I'm friendly, humerous. I'm interested in making new friends from all over the world, discovering new countries, new cultures and foods. I would like to be your local guide in Ho Chi Minh city. Let me have a chance to discover the city and Vietnamese foods with you ;).
Viet Nguyen
$7 / $13
I'm young and love to travel everywhere