Barcelona , Spain



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My experience of working and living in Spain as a Vietnamese girl, my point of view in different cultures and environment, my willingness to make friends and my support to help you enjoy your trip the best.
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I was the same as everybody else around me and beyond, the only difference is that I fostered the desire to better myself and look deeper into the true core of a matter. It is my belief that thinking you're 'special' steers you towards thinking that you are so unique that no one can help you when you get into a bind that you have no idea how to get out of, or in short 'You can't understand me at all'. Era igual a todos los demás a mi alrededor y más allá, la única diferencia es que fomenté el deseo de mejorar y de profundizar en el verdadero núcleo de un asunto. Creo que pensar que eres "especial" te lleva a pensar que eres tan único que nadie te puede ayudar cuando te enredas de forma que no tienes idea de cómo salir, o en pocas palabras "Puedes ¡No me entiendas en absoluto! '.