Bac Ninh , Vietnam


Bac Ninh

Bac Ninh represents an essential part of the Vietnam history. With only 45 minute drive from Hanoi, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city to the most sacred ancient land. Bac Ninh is rich in culture, from the Buddhism Temple like But Thap Pagoda, Dau Pagoda, .. to the national Quan ho folk music, and Dong Ho painting. You can feel the country vibes and the breeze of fresh air, with a harmonious atmosphere which is hard to find in normal city life.

Tit Uyen
$43 / $87
Die Mühe, Schritt für Schritt
Bao Yen
$47 / $80
제가 하노이학에 대해 공부했는데 하노이의 역사와 명소 잘 아는다. 그리고 많이 먹으나까 맛있는 음식 잘아는다
$53 / $93
Ich arbeite mit meinem ganzen Herzen
$47 / $73
Happy at all
$60 / $80
活泼,友善,谦虚, 喜欢结识新朋友
$40 / $80
对我来说工作是非常重要的 ,所以呢 对于每一份工作 ,我都特别认真努力地做。我希望我对工作的认真会给客户带来最好的工作效果。
$40 / $80
Trung thực, nhiệt tình
Shinegi Duong
$47 / $92
I believe everyone is special and you're always good enough for something and someone. About me, I feel thankful when I have a positive attitude whenever I get started doing something or meet new people. Possibly, I've got it through meetups with my foreign friends and my self-research. I’ve gained cultural and language understanding. I feel comfortable to break the ice and communicate with people from all walks of life; listen to them without judging. Everyone has something for us to learn, everyone is beautiful with their smile. So, we should open, respect and behave well with people. One of my life goal is Speak fluently 3 foreign languages before Im 25.
Dat Huynh
$37 / $69
The thing that makes me special is, definitely, my own character. There are more than 7.7 million people in the world right now and each individual has certain different traits and habits that make him or her unique. That also the reason why i chose to study in a tourism college and work in the tourism industry – to meet new people. Since i was a kid, i have always wished that i could travel all around the world, befriend with friendly local people and eat many delicious food. I know that i am not the only person who have that wish. So, in exchange to meet more friendly people, i would love to have a chance to be a welcoming, fun, outgoing and endearing local/guide/buddy, if anybody needs.
$33 / $67
I’m good-looking, energetic, calm and have the good knowlege. I can give my guests a really memorable tour.
$20 / $40
I am enthusiastic, humorous and responsible
$30 / $50
I'm Peter, 20 years old. I'm young, energetic, knowledgable and enthusiastic. I always take responsibility what I did. I want to become a tour guide to know more people come from all around the world. I love learning the culture and history.
Khoi Nguyen
$40 / $67
Изучение нового языка не только для изучения больше о стране, в которой люди говорят на этом языке. Но и познакомить их с своей страной. Культурное вмешательство делает людей ближе.
Duy Khanh
$40 / $73
Выглажу не общительный человек, но на самом деле я люблю новые знакомства, слушать как люди говорят о своем переживанием. Всегда готов помогать туристам узнать больше о Ханое и о Вьетнаме.
Толик Нгуен
$40 / $67
Я учился в Институте Иностранных Языков -на факультете русского языка и русской культуры вот поэтому хорошо знаю и понимаю и русские и вьетнамские культуру, историю, обычаи и традицию.
Hoang Phuc
$27 / $53
Tôi luôn mang đến cho bạn những trải nghiệm mới mẻ khi đến thăm đất nước tôi
$53 / $100
친절한 사람이고 항상 즐겁게 살다 ~^^
$20 / $40
I am open-minded and funny girl. I love going out and communicating with others. I am passionate about learning new things, sharing my positive energy and what i know for everyone, including the beauty of the city i am living in.
Ty Nguyen
$40 / $73
Hi everyone! I'm Ty, I would like to introduce everybody about Vietnamese culture and food. I'm kindly, enthusiastic and friendly. I hope to make friends with all of you on the world who also can share with me your life stories, cultures, and your interesting perspectives, those that I don't know of where i've never ever come.
$33 / $67
I have responsibility with what i do
$40 / $80
Thân thiện
Rosie Nguyen
$47 / $80
Hi everyone! I'm Rosie, i wanna share to everybody about Vietnam culture and food with foreigner. I'm patience and extremely humorous, kindly and friendly. I hope to make friends from other parts of the world who can share with me their life stories, the uniqueness of their cultures, and their interesting perspectives, those that I don't know of where i've never ever come .
$40 / $73
Mai Huc
$33 / $67
Good communicator, cool millenial with zero judgement, cultural differences awareness, international presence
$53 / $93
Soy muy activo y no tengo miedo de chocar o ser entusiasta.
$40 / $67
Nhiệt huyết và sức trẻ thổi bùng lên ngọn lửa đam mê chinh phục mọi mục tiêu của tôi. Tôi dám nghĩ dám làm!
$27 / $53
no puedo dormir en paz sabiendo que a alguien no le gusto
Trang Sayuri
$80 / $160
. 제 장점은 긍정적인 생각을 갖는 것입니다. 아무리 어려 운 일이 닥치더라도 할 수 있다는 긍정적안 마음을 가진다면 잘 극복할 수 있다고 생각합니다
Thanh Tung
$33 / $60
Khác biệt để tạo nên sự khác biệt
$40 / $73
I'm Phuong and my English name is Alice. Born and raised in Hanoi. I am now working in hospitality industry, the kind of industry that put people first and do everything to make guests' stay memorable. I want to share you the insight knowledge of local histories, all the artistic places I've been in Hanoi, and take you to the most Vietnamese coffee shops I've known to creat a marvellous journey :)
$27 / $47
I was born in Hanoi and grew up here. My English is not fluent but I will do my best for your better experience.
Duc Nam
$33 / $67
culture and hictory
Thanh Vu
$31 / $60
I am a travel ambassador who dreams of sharing the charm and beauty of Vietnamese life, culture, tradition and landscapes with visitors.
Khanh Nguyen
$33 / $60
Hi guys, I am Ngoc Khanh. I am friendly, funny and liking to laugh. Specially, i am a person loving discovering new things so i will take you to hidden places where you will never come if you accompany a tour. Sound interesting, right? I hope to have a chance to show you the beauty of Ha Noi capital, I guarantee that you will have an unforgettable trip.
$40 / $67
Меня зовут Куйнь, училась 6 лет в Томске, России. Сейчас я местный гид в Tubudd, я могу говорить по английский и по-русски.Я люблю вьетнамское кофе, а ёще досконально знаю историю, кухню и подробности быта и культуры Ханоя. Я помогу туристами познать жизнь и культуру во Вьетнаме, проведя времени с Вьетнамскими людьми! --------------------------------------------------- My name is Quynh. I studied in Tomsk, Russia for 6 years. Now I am a local buddy of Tubudd, I can speak English and Russian. I love Vietnamese coffee and I know well about history, cuisine and culture of Hanoi too. I will help tourists experience the real life and culture through spending time with local people!
Fábio Nguyen
$47 / $87
Acho que eu sou mais marcante do que outras porque eu tenho senso de humor. Isto é o mais importante para ser um bom guia. Porque o seu senso de humor pode fazer os turistas sentir-se mais comfortável. Então os turistas podem adquirir boa experiência ao viajar o nosso país e vai recomendar a sua empresa com os amigos deles.
Bich Phuong
$27 / $47
我成为一个特别的人就是因为我很活泼 , 充满活动 , 爱旅行 , 喜欢吃很多不同地产。
$47 / $73
저는 한국어너무 종아해요
$27 / $47
Enthusiastic, optimistic and happy smiles
Vi Nuong
$47 / $93
tôi là người hòa đồng và nhiệt huyết
Quang Huy
$20 / $33
When I was a kid, I usually went on some journeys with several groups. Probably, every times, I was blamed for being lost. They didn't know, I was not get lost, I just spend more time for observing new things instead of following a boring route. Therefore, I chose tourism to study, and become a unique tour guide. I proud of leading people to get lost with me.
$47 / $73
1 person from different 2 world with 2 personalities :D
Julia Nguyen
$40 / $80
$27 / $53
Trang Pikachu
$33 / $67
I Don't seek pleasure externally. If it comes along, I welcome it. If it does not, I don't miss it. I used to be quite social. My dreams need isolation to grow. And I try to give it what it needs. I'm nearly in monk mode.
Mai Duong
$47 / $80
Saya suka membuat orang lain-lain bahagia. Saat orang lain sedih, meskipun itu bukan salah Saya, tapi Saya akan sedih juga.
Quynh Bui
$27 / $53
강한 이의 슬픔은 아름답다
$33 / $67
봉사활동을 좋요, 한국어 알아
Nguyen Huyen
$67 / $133
재미있는 여자
Victoria ( Вика)
$33 / $60
Всем здравствуй! Меня зовут Вика ( моего имя назвал русский учитель, когда я учила рус. во первый раз ) . Мне 27 лет. И я очень люблю русский язык. Я люблю дружить с иностранными друзьями, чтобы узнать больше об их языке и их культуре. Презжайте во Вьетнам, будете знать Вьетнамцы очень дружелюбны и добры.
$40 / $73
$40 / $67
I am a good guy
Chau My
$40 / $73
열정이 있고 한국말 좋아해요
Thanh Nga
$40 / $67
제가 친철하고 책임감이 강한 편이에요. 여러분께 우리 문화 우리 나라에 대해 더 알려 드리고 싶기 때문에 이 서비스를 해요. 여러분은 베트남에 게시는 동안 제미있는 체험과 예쁜 기억을 남기 위해 정성을 다하겠습니다.
$40 / $67
안녕하세요~~~ 저는 여러분과 같이 한국과 베트남 문화를 교류하고 싶습니다. 그리고, 여러분들에게 하노이의 예쁜 곳들과 음식들을 소개하고 싶습니다.
Hoa Hoa
$33 / $60
Harry Nguyen
$40 / $80
Hello everyone, I’m Harry - a local person having a vast knowledge of Vietnam special foods and culture to share with foreigners travelling to Vietnam. In my tour, you will get a chance to try some famous Vietnam cuisines and communicate with Harry to exchange about Vietnam culture, tradition and life. I hope that everyone can join with me and give good references on Tubudd after the trip. Thanks IMPORTANT:Please message to me to confirm that you can join. If you are vegetarians, pls tell me. Thanks
$40 / $80
Мои родители родом из Вьетнама, но я родился и вырос в Москве , поэтому я хочу передать вам как можно больше информации о нашей культуре, истории, традиции, обычаях и показать свою удивительную страну. Я с радостью познакомлю вас с красивой, загадочной страной Вьетнам! Это прекрасная страна, c живописной природой, уникальной историей и великолепной архитектурой.
Minh Thuong
$20 / $27
你好,我是Minh An(中文名字),我喜欢去学习和社交。 我在河内,很乐意带你去我的家乡:)
Juan Juanan
$40 / $73
大家好!欢迎你们来到我心目中的越南,希望会有机会给你们介绍一下我们越南美丽的风景区,可以成为你们最可爱的领队。越南欢迎你们来 <3
$27 / $53
得到了不该得到的得到就一定失去了不该失去的失去, 只有忍受别人不能忍受的忍受才能享受别人不能享受的享受。
Peter Trung
$53 / $93
나는 일하는 중에서 친절하고 열정적이다,
Huong Nguyen
$47 / $80
Hong Son
$40 / $73
Wendy Nguyen
$53 / $93
Hello everyone! My name is Wendy, I''m a Hanoian born. I love traveling and I want to introduce my country's beauties to foreign friends. The people are friendly and welcoming and the country is extremely beautiful. 大家好!我叫Wendy,中文名字叫阿志。以前我在中国学大学。现在我在河内工作。我想跟大家做朋友,一起去玩,了解我们越南的美丽。欢迎大家来越南。
Le Duc Minh
$40 / $73
Trải nghiệm nhiều nơi, tiếng trung cơ bản, tiếng anh giao tiếp
$40 / $80
Hien Pham
$40 / $73
Nhi Lazy
$3 / $4
My name is Yến Nhi - that means a little bird. I really like to talk with friends from other countries, discuss about culture, custom,....Im a shy girl and inner, my friends call me by "Nhi lazy, nhi crazy, nhi sleepy' :). I like playing chess, chinese chess...and like playing football 😁😁😁. I love eating so I may show you where we can get good foods 😁
$33 / $67
亲爱的朋友!欢迎你来河内,很高兴可以跟你见面。河内是越南的首都,不但是一个古老的城市而姐美食非常好吃的。“吃喝玩乐”就是我们的目标,希望我们可以留下很多美好的回忆 ^^
Tuyet Nhung
$40 / $80
Shan Shan
$53 / $107
$29 / $56
I can create a fun tour with my sense of humor
$47 / $80
Tôi tự tin, hòa đồng, vui vẻ, thích giao lưu với mọi người
$27 / $53
thân thiện, tươi vui
Thanh Nguyen
$40 / $67
从2017 年11月 到2018 年11月 我在台湾学观光旅游管理系。
Nghia Son
$28 / $40
Hi, my name is Son.I'm 27 years old and I'm from Viet Nam . I'm considered myself as a positive person, if something happens to me as the way I don't expected, I just think on the bright side and keep moving, trying hard to do in the next time. I graduated the university of tourism in 2002, so now I have 5 experience years as a being a English speaking tour guide. I love reading all kinds of book, playing football and especially I love bringing my country's beauties to foreign friends all over the world, hence I picked up tour guide job and I really love it. thank you so much and see you in Viet Nam.
Nguyen Van Giang
$33 / $67
I am a responsible and easy going person
Thanh Tung
$40 / $73
well, i have a big passion with photography and being a tourguide, i have fire, energy, passion and i want to dedicate to what i love... i am a iceberg in the middle of the sea but only a small part emerged so just take time to know more about each other.
Nhi Nguyen
$40 / $73
I've been working as a tour guide for two years, been organizing my own tours and also working for a company. I believe with my experience and languages, I can be flexible and give the tourists the best experience of their trip in Ha Noi. For me, being a tour guide is also being a local buddy, who loves to travel with new friends to exchange new culture as well. Though it might be a trip to familiar places, it will always be fun and new with new people. To learn is to live!
$40 / $67
There are three words that tell about myself. That is enthusiasm, humor and friendly. I'm also an active person and like to communicate with everyone. I make some relationship with stranger, and I will make it become better. I'd like to eat foods, drink milk tea and especially go shopping. I always smile with everyone because I have a positive spirit when I meet some trouble in my life. You can share everything to me and I will give you some advice that is best for you
Son Nguyen
$27 / $60
You want to know what make us Vietnamese? I can get you to the perspective you have never known. I call it the true discovery!
Vo Phan
$33 / $47
I like history, culture, art, polictic
Thuy Quynh
$13 / $27
I think it would be better to use "different" instead of "special". My differences are wrapped in 2 words: sincerity and responsibility. It is the key to making people believe in you and living freely. Smile more, go more places and share more to enjoy your youth.
Hiep Tour guide
$33 / $60
Funny, discover all aspect of Vietnamese culture, daily life and beautiful landscape
$23 / $32
I'm quite flexible and can solve the problems. I wanna make tourists happy and know more about Vietnam cultures. I like to work freely, not in the office so this job is very suitable for me. My goal is not to do it for money but for passion.
$67 / $100
I think my confident as well as experince help tourist have many the enjoyable things when they travel in VietNam
Quang Hoang
$20 / $29
I am an adventure-seeker with great navigational skills, formal training in tourism management, outgoing and friendly personality, goal-driven and dedicated and open-mindedness to others’ opinions and ideas, etc.
Vi Thuy
$67 / $120
I am willing to experience new things
Hong Minh
$40 / $67
I think it is my knowledge, my sense of humor and the love for my country. Beside, I am a photographer, so I can make a photo-tour, take nice pictures in every nice place around this city for you!
Linh Tu
$53 / $107
Nhiệt tình, tự tin
Anh Dung
$27 / $40
Iam Mr Dung Nguyen was born in 1971 who the tour guide in ha noi-viet nam.I love travel,meet people everyday,make fun,play sport especialy in taichi and kungfu.I smile all the time.... all the people met me said that I was younger than my age...I hope to meet you soon.....thank you........and I wish all of you have a good lives.Mr dung nguyen The tour guide in ha noi-viet[email protected]
$40 / $93
Friendly to help ppl discover HaNoi
Thu Nga
$40 / $67
No sé, quizás me guste mucho espanol, intentaré hacer cualquiera cosa que lo relaciona para ganar mi objetivo.
$20 / $40
I love traveling, go out and talk to people
$20 / $40
My name is Annie. I was born to travel and I love responsible tourism. That is why I choose tourism as my passion and career. Now I have done a “Keep Travelling” for years and been to most parts of Vietnam, Indochina, love to explore local culture, daily life and the remote areas, also I want to share my experiences to international friends around the world about Vietnam culture. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Nhan Nguyen
$33 / $60
i am a positive person and i will impart energy to everyone
Gam Nguyen
$40 / $73
There is a bun of places you can visit in Vietnam. If normal stuff is fine with you then just looking for information on internet, they will guide you. But if you want a special adventure which you can enjoy every minute of your journey, then let me be your friend. I promise I will not show you just famous places you've heard about Vietnam. I will lead you to where only local people know and I guarantee you'll be suprised ^^. Let's take a look at my facebook page and you'll know what I mean.
Hanh Nguyen
$67 / $107
Thích khám phá trải nghiệm
Thu Pham
$20 / $33
Loan Doan
$20 / $40
I am the fourth year student at the Hanoi University of science and technology. I have 6- month experience as a local guide at Hanoi free private tour. I really like to become a tour guide. I want to challenge my ability from your company
Phuong Le
$36 / $80
$47 / $80
I'm very friendly and enthusiastic, eager to show the foreigners the beauty of Vietnam. Im confident in my ability to help then enjoy the best of their trip in Vietnam
Thanh Huyen
$33 / $67
I know everything that u want to know about my country
Viet Phuong
$24 / $40
I love travelling and introduce some destinations, landscapes for tourists but I still a student. So I need a job with flexible time and this position in your company is good for me.
Johnny Nguyen
$80 / $147
Fluent English with understanding in depth about history and culture as well as culinary art. One of the top tour guides in town
Nhung Truong
$47 / $73
i'm dynamic and full of enthusiasm
Cuong Anh
$40 / $67
I love Hanoi. I grew up in Hanoi so since I was a little boy my father usually take me and my brother wondering around the old street, taking photos with his film camera and eat local foods from the street vendors. These memories make Hanoi become a part of me. I'm a destination wedding photographer so I know how to make customer feel comfortable, I can show them how beautiful and unique Hanoi is and still let them have their private time. And after all, I want to be their friend, not just someone do it for money.
Linh Lullaby
$47 / $73
My firends said about me that I have a cold face, but when people gradually get closer to me they found out an energy and optimist inside myself. Sometimes, I feel there some thing really adventurous and fearless of me. I am still on the way to discover myself
$40 / $67
I'm friendly, open-minded, I love travelling and passionate
Trang Phan
$67 / $133
If traveling is like a buffet, let me help you choose the most unique and authentic ! I am a freelance artist and designer who is more than happy to bring out the hidden cultural & artistic sides of my capital city to travelers. From the nostalgic atmosphere of traditional architecture to vivacious rhythm of the young city and fresh breath of nature, I am willing to accompany you from sunrise to sunset and inspire you with various conversations. If you want to feel the vital soul of a land, to know more than what meet the eyes and discover it in a way like never before, then I am yours.
$53 / $73
I'm just myself who you will learn about.
Vi Nguyen
$67 / $133
Hi there! Vi’s here. I’m a 26 year old entrepreneur and event planner expert. I’m currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam. What I love about Hanoi is not just what lies within the city but what is around it. I enjoy taking day trips to the countryside and participate in different activities such as cooking class, kayaking, pottery making, photography, camping and festivals. If you are the adventurous type who loves to discover new experiences and learn new skills, I’m your girl. On my trip you’ll emerge yourself in the most authentic culture experience and discover more about yourself. I will guide you through the journey that we create together but best part is that the tour will be designed and catered specifically for you and your crew.
$53 / $73
I'm a Hanoian born and bred which gives me a taste for the best street food bites and contemporary fine dining. I have traveled across the country and the world which enhanced my international mind-set and passions for travel. I'm an enthusiastic person who loves meeting people from all over the world.
Vuong Tran
$27 / $53
Phu Nguyen
$27 / $53
I am a honest person. I can easily to build relationship with other and make people around me feeling happy due to my respect, humor while interaction. In my thought everyone is equal, has their own favorite, characteristics so I always try to avoid discrimination, negative thinking, judgment. Hence, smiles are always in my lips and it can attract others smiles.
Vuong Tran
$27 / $53
Khanh Hoan
$33 / $60
大家好!我叫范庆环。我在银行工作。我很喜欢跟你们打交道。我的目的是跟你们交流。我希望你们会喜欢我们的首都。 I want to make friends with all over the world. Unfortunately, my English is too bad to be a tour guide. My Chinese is set to Hsk5 level, I hope to have many Chinese friends come to Hà Nội.
Quynh Anh
$33 / $53
I have shared Andrew Murphy's firm belief that "You're confined only by the walls you build yourself". You can only live once, but it doesn't mean that you can not "live more than one life in more than one place". That goes a long way towards explaining why I love languages, reading and travelling. I've so far challenged myself with English, Chinese and Spanish; though the road is rough and the going gets tough, the fruits are so much sweeter than expected. In addition, I've cherished the dreams of travelling as much as I can and as my personal opinion, "travelling" here is not meant to move outside a comfort zone to step in another one, but to try your best to integrate yourself into the local society in order to "feel" it: live as a local, taste local food and learn about new cultures and let's imagine how much it sounds good to communicate with a local by his language. And more to the point, that perspective on travelling has taught me some valuable lessons of putting myself in other' shoes to see what they, hear what they hear and feel what they feel!
Hien Pham
$53 / $80
$33 / $53
My name is Thuy Dung. I have a tendency to be extrovert that is why i like traveling and exploring new things. There are many interesting things in life relied on each person's perception in different moment. I hope to take advantage of my perception to bring something new and special about Vietnam for you.
$24 / $40
I love to introduce you about the foods, famous locations, cultures and something like that in Vietnam. Vietnamese people are very friendly and kind. I wish you could enjoy your time in my country. We can go hangout together, can be friends. Most important I hope you will be excited about that.
$27 / $60
Hola, mi nombre es Tra, o puedes llamarme Gloria. Tengo 26 años y soy de Hanoi, Vietnam. Me considero una persona positiva, si algo me sucede como no esperaba, solo pienso en el lado positivo y sigo moviéndome, esforzándome por hacerlo la próxima vez. Hablo castellano, inglés y vietnamita, pues un poquitito de portugués.
Toan Trinh
$20 / $33
strong and positive; have a huge passion for travelling and want to make friends with other people.
Huong Duong
$33 / $67
The one who loves his favorite thing tends to keep it for himself instead of sharing with the others. But a person who loves his city has a tendency of feeling delighted to introduce that city to the visitors. As a Hanoian, I like wandering along the streets, watching people in the Old Quarter live their normal lives and visiting the places to which my childhood belongs. Priding myself on being a resident here, I would love to grab the chance of guiding 'un-Hanoians' on the trip to experience the life of ordinariness and happiness in the more-than-1000-year-old city.
Thi Nguyen
$16 / $27
Hi there, my name is Thi, but you can simply call me "T" (or Tea, if you like). You might find me unfriendly and cold-hearted when you first see me, but the opposite things will come after a friendly smile and a warm welcome, just like my profile (*wink *wink). If you would like to grab a beer and enjoy the music at night, I would be glad to accompany with you. Otherwise, whether you wish to have a cup of egg coffee in the early morning, watching the view towards the lake and waiting for the sun to rise up to the top, feel free to make a call. And, there are more to a simple life in Hanoi rather than just stay around the center of the city (Hồ Gươm Lake's area) , which I would be happy to introduce to you. Thank you for patiently reading! <3 <3 <3
Phuong Hoang
$27 / $53
My name is Phuong. I love travelling to discover new places, meet new people and talk to the local. I am glad to help international friends experience our culture and cuisine.
Truong Mai
$60 / $33
life is a highway
Trung Nguyen
$15 / $31
Hi. I am kind of people who's funny, enthusiastic
Annie Possible
$60 / $89
This is Annie Possible
$47 / $80
My name is Thịnh, but people sometimes call me Brok. I come from Hanoi. I enjoy the simple things in life. Being happy is a state of mind, and I don't think people should settle for less than they deserve. I always look toward the next best thing. I like seeing other people happy. That's the reason why I am attended for this job. Travel is a passion of mine. I love music and chilling with my friends. Game of Thrones is my favorite TV shows.. There is more to life than beauty on the outside. It's about what's on the inside. It is the same about Hanoi, you can see the outside beauty of it, yet what inside is more important. that's what really counts.
Hoa Le
$47 / $80
Hallo there, This is Hoa. I was born and grew up in the Central of Vietnam; went to school and worked for a few years in the South; moved and have been working in the North for 4 years now - That helps me to have a lovely look at the life and people as well as experience more on life. I love to talk, make friends with others and connect people - then together we will see how nice the life is. Let's say hi!
Thao Lope
$24 / $40
I'm a small girl with a big dream that I can proudly introduce my country to oversea friends. I can't be a professional tourguide but I can help you to be a local in Vietnam.
Lynn Viet
$27 / $53
Give me some places you want to go, some foods you're curious to taste or activities you hope to participate in... I will try my best to be a useful guide for you to have the best experiences. Cause 'Travel' is all about diving into the local culture, architecture... which I am also fascinated by.
$33 / $67
If you want to see a quiet Hanoi, a tranquill Hanoi through the eyes of a Hanoian...