“Travel is a drug that nobody want to stop. Let the "trips" take you to Hanoi with me this time”

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About Me

My name is Thịnh, but people sometimes call me Brok. I come from Hanoi. I enjoy the simple things in life. Being happy is a state of mind, and I don't think people should settle for less than they deserve. I always look toward the next best thing. I like seeing other people happy. That's the reason why I am attended for this job. Travel is a passion of mine. I love music and chilling with my friends. Game of Thrones is my favorite TV shows.. There is more to life than beauty on the outside. It's about what's on the inside. It is the same about Hanoi, you can see the outside beauty of it, yet what inside is more important. that's what really counts.



Hanoi, Vietnam

$47 / $80