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The Friday Morning 41: Unyielding Determination

Last Friday morning, we had the privilege of delving into the mindset of Ms. Le Han Tue Lam, the esteemed CEO of Nextrans Vietnam. With her unwavering determination and resolute spirit, Ms. Lam has achieved remarkable success in her career. In this blog post, we will explore the valuable lessons she imparts about setting goals, mastering the art of sales, and taking a holistic approach to problem-solving. Join us as we uncover the essence of resolute determination and its transformative power.

1. Setting Goals and Focusing Resolutely

Ms. Lam emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals and making them the central focus of our determination. It is not about being resolute in everything but rather channeling our determination towards the right objectives. If mistakes are made along the way, it is crucial to approach them with unwavering determination, extracting valuable lessons and using them as stepping stones towards growth.

2. Everyone Should Master the Art of Sales

Ms. Lam believes that sales skills are essential for everyone, extending beyond selling products or services. It is about effectively selling oneself and persistently insisting on personal and professional growth. By adopting a resolute mindset and consistently striving to improve our sales abilities, we can open doors to new opportunities and achieve greater success.

3. Taking a Holistic Approach to Problem-Solving

Ms. Lam encourages us to approach challenges by focusing on the bigger picture. Rather than getting caught up in trivial details, it is important to maintain a broad perspective. By zooming out and looking at the overall landscape, we can identify key factors, prioritize effectively, and make decisions with resolute determination. It is not necessary to blindly follow the footsteps of successful individuals; instead, we should forge our own path with determination and authenticity.

4. Conclusion

The resolute determination exemplified by Ms. Le Han Tue Lam serves as a powerful guiding principle for success. By setting clear goals, focusing our determination, and learning the art of sales, we can unlock our full potential and achieve remarkable results. Furthermore, adopting a holistic approach to problem-solving allows us to navigate challenges with confidence and resilience. Let us embrace the spirit of resolute determination and apply these invaluable lessons from Ms. Lam to our own personal and professional journeys, propelling ourselves towards success and fulfillment.

The Friday Morning 41 by Ms. Le Han Tue Lam.jpg
The Friday Morning 41 by Ms. Le Han Tue Lam.jpg


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