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The Friday Morning 36: Lazy people's ways of learning by Ethan Dang

Mike Nguyen
Lazy people often find ways to make their learning process more efficient and enjoyable. In this edition of The Friday Morning by Mr. Ethan Dang, CTO and Co-founder of Tubudd, we explore the "lazy people's way of learning" and how it can be surprisingly effective.

1. What is learning?

Learning can be broken down into three simple steps: "In," "Out," and "Exchange" or exchanging ideas with others. These steps apply to both theoretical and practical learning.

2. Theoretical learning and practical learning

In theoretical learning, the process involves absorbing information, delivering and receiving lectures, and engaging in discussions. It's about actively seeking knowledge and understanding concepts.

When it comes to practical learning, the approach is slightly different. It starts with learning and observing examples, practicing through exercises and drills, and eventually engaging in real-life scenarios or competitions.

Theoretical learning and practical learning by Ethan.PNG
Theoretical learning and practical learning by Ethan.PNG

3. Lazy people's ways of learning from Ethan's experience

The key lies in extracting methods from personal experiences to facilitate learning. Lazy learners employ strategies that make learning more convenient, slightly inconvenient but engaging, captivating, and also know when to take a break.

One strategy is to create a convenient learning environment. This could involve studying with a partner or in a group, where knowledge and resources are shared, making the learning process more accessible and enjoyable.

On the other hand, introducing a slight level of inconvenience can help combat boredom and maintain interest. It could be using unconventional methods or tools that challenge the learner's usual routine, providing a fresh perspective and stimulating engagement.

The "captivating" aspect is about incorporating personal interests and passions into the learning process. For example, learning a language by watching movies or studying history through interactive documentaries. By aligning learning with personal enjoyment, it becomes more natural and effortless.

Lastly, recognizing the need for breaks is crucial. When saturation sets in, taking a pause and allowing the mind to wander freely can provide much-needed rejuvenation. It's a way of respecting one's mental well-being and preventing burnout.

Ethan with 4 aspects affected his way of learning.jpg
Ethan with 4 aspects affected his way of learning.jpg

4. Key takeaways from The Friday Morning no.36

The lazy people's way of learning demonstrates that with the right mindset and approach, learning can be effective, enjoyable, and efficient. By finding ways to make learning convenient, slightly challenging, captivating, and knowing when to take breaks, lazy learners can achieve remarkable results. So, embrace your laziness and embark on a learning journey that suits your unique style and preferences. Remember, learning should be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, even for the "lazy" ones among us.


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