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The Friday Morning 33: Personalities and Teamwork by Phuong Trang Do

Welcome to first blog of The Friday Morning! In this week's installment, we delve into the insightful world of personalities and teamwork as shared by the talented Phuong Trang Do. From her journey as a journalism student to her current role as a sought-after music video scriptwriter, Phuong Trang Do has experienced a remarkable transformation. Join us as we explore her valuable insights on navigating personalities, embracing teamwork, and excelling in the creative realm.

Phuong Trang Do, born in 1991 and a former student of Class 29A1, the Academy of Journalism and Communication, has worked with numerous top Vpop artists throughout her career. She can be considered the driving force behind the success of a series of million-view music videos such as "Đi để trở về", "Để Mị nói cho mà nghe", and "Duyên âm".

Anh oi o lai MV by Phuong Trang Do.jpg
Anh oi o lai MV by Phuong Trang Do.jpg

Lam gi phai hot MV by Phuong Trang Do.jpg
Lam gi phai hot MV by Phuong Trang Do.jpg

Personalities and Teamwork

Phuong Trang Do emphasizes the importance of managing emotions and expectations before embarking on any project. Understanding one's needs within the project and the core values to be achieved are crucial aspects of effective teamwork. By continuously reviewing one's psychological state during the process, individuals can ensure their contributions align with the team's goals. Furthermore, Trang emphasizes the significance of self-awareness and understanding the roles and responsibilities of team members. The power of teamwork often leads to unexpected outcomes that go beyond an individual's imagination.

The Art of Scriptwriting

Phuong Trang Do's expertise lies in the realm of scriptwriting, where creativity flourishes within a given framework. Before venturing into scriptwriting, Trang gained valuable experience as a production assistant, handling diverse tasks that supported various stakeholders. From managing schedules, personnel, and finances to receiving feedback from production and scriptwriting departments, she gained a holistic understanding of the production process. As a scriptwriter, Trang's unique approach focuses on capturing the attention of an audience who prefers visual storytelling over extensive reading. By translating ideas into compelling visuals, she crafts narratives that resonate deeply with viewers.

Phuong Trang Do's journey from a journalism student to a successful music video scriptwriter is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and passion for creativity. Her insights on personalities and teamwork provide valuable guidance for aspiring artists and professionals alike. By recognizing the importance of self-awareness, managing expectations, and fostering effective teamwork, individuals can unlock their full potential and create remarkable outcomes. Trang's approach to scriptwriting highlights the power of visual storytelling and the ability to captivate audiences in a visually-driven world.

Phuong Trang Do at The Friday Morning no.33 with Tubudd.jpg
Phuong Trang Do at The Friday Morning no.33 with Tubudd.jpg

As we conclude this blog of The Friday Morning, we hope that Phuong Trang Do's wisdom inspires you to embrace your unique personality, collaborate effectively with others, and unleash your creative potential. Remember, success lies not only in individual talent but also in the harmonious synergy of teamwork. Stay tuned for more insightful articles and inspiring stories in our future blogs. Until then, keep exploring, learning, and pushing the boundaries of your own creativity!


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