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How To Become A Local Buddy?

5 Easy Steps To Become A Local Buddy of Tubudd

How to Become a Local Buddy at Tubudd

Step 1: Download Tubudd's App

Download Tubudd's App on the App Store or Google Play and dive into the world of connecting with travelers.


Step 2: Sign Up

Use your email/ Google account/ phone number to sign up and receive a magic code for quick access.


Step 3: Edit Your Profile

Craft a standout profile! Describe your experience, activities, strengths, and interests for a clear picture. This helps guests get the clearest and most comprehensive overview of you as their potential local buddy.

Note: Crafting a captivating profile enhances the chances of finding the perfect match with travelers seeking your unique perspective.

Step 4: Register as a Local Buddy

Click "Become A Local Buddy" in the Setting section to set up your Buddy profile. Specify your location and price, making it easy for travelers to connect with you based on their preferences.


Step 5: Profile Review

Sit tight, the Buddy Team is on it! Your profile will be reviewed before being approved within 2 days. Once approved, your profile will be uploaded on Tubudd's app, marking the official start of your journey as a Tubudd local buddy.


If you have any questions or need technical support, please contact us through email at [email protected]