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Meet What The Phở, the first partner of Tubudd

Thien Nguyen
Today, we are excited to introduce you to Vân Vũ, also known as What The Phở, a Vietnamese businesswoman, ethical travel creator, and our esteemed partner. With her deep love for her homeland, Van is dedicated to showcasing the hidden gems, local food, and vibrant Vietnamese culture to the world. Through Tubudd, she invites you to embark on a personalized tour of Vietnam, where you can explore the country's rich heritage and create unforgettable memories.

1. What The Phở's background

Vân Vũ is a Vietnamese businesswoman and an ethical travel creator who has a passion for connecting people through a deeper understanding of different cultures. Born and raised in Vietnam and having spent seven years living in the U.S., Van brings a unique perspective to her trips. In 2020, she left her corporate job in the U.S. and returned to Vietnam. With a deep desire to bridge cultural gaps and challenge stereotypes, she made the bold decision to become a full-time traveler and started her YouTube channel, What The Phở. Through her videos, she shares insights into Vietnamese food, culture, and travel tips with the world. Van's determination and authenticity quickly gained her a dedicated following of over 160,000 subscribers.

What The Phở's Youtube channel.jpg
What The Phở's Youtube channel.jpg

2. What The Phở's journey and mission

During her time in America, Van realized that Vietnam was often associated only with Phở (Vietnamese noodle soup) and the war. Determined to change this perception, she returned to her homeland with a mission to introduce the lesser-known treasures, local cuisine, and the true essence of Vietnamese culture. She believes in empowering individuals to discover their potential and advocates for financial independence, particularly as digital nomads. With her chic minimal fashion and love for the elegant Vietnamese traditional garment, Ao Dai, Van inspires others to embrace self-confidence and the beauty of women's bodies.

What The Phở and her video in Moc Chau (Vietnam).jpg
What The Phở and her video in Moc Chau (Vietnam).jpg

3. What The Phở and Tubudd's collaboration

Van has partnered with Tubudd to extend her expertise and offer personalized tours of Vietnam to fellow travelers. While she would love to meet everyone individually, the demands of her business and video production make it challenging. Through Tubudd, she can connect you with carefully vetted local buddies who share her passion for showcasing the authentic side of Vietnam. These local guides will lead you to hidden gems, recommend local restaurants, and curate unique experiences tailored to your preferences.

What The Phở and Annie Vũ, Tubudd's Co-founder.jpg
What The Phở and Annie Vũ, Tubudd's Co-founder.jpg

4. What The Phở's information

Below are What The Phở's channels:






If you're planning a trip to Vietnam and desire an unforgettable experience tailored to your preferences, Van and Tubudd are here to help. By filling out the form provided, you can connect with Van and the Tubudd team, who will review your requirements and create a personalized tour plan just for you. Whether you're seeking assistance with visas, travel requirements, or simply want to explore Vietnam's best-kept secrets, Van's mission is to ensure you have the best memories in Vietnam.


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