What is Tubudd?
Tubudd is an online travel platform connecting and showcasing Local Buddies to travellers all around the world.
What is a Local Buddy?
A Local Buddy is your very own personal travel assistant when going on holiday, a business trip or an adventure.
Which Buddy should I pick?
It all depends on your preferences. If you're an adventure seeker; look for a buddy with an adventurous personality by reading their profile. If you're seeking a chilled tour, being guided around the backroads tasting food; pick the buddy with the most amazing food pictures.
What info should I give to my buddy before the the trip?
Let your buddy know the type of tour you want to have (historical places, food tour, shopping tour, etc); how you would like to travel around (walking, cycling, bus, etc) and if you have any dietary requests (allergies, vegetarian. etc). Your buddy will then tailor a tour for you.
Do you provide group packages?
There aren’t any extra costs for additional travelers but the buddies will state on their profile whether or not they accept groups. Please check and confirm this prior to booking.
What is included?
When you book a buddy, you're paying for their time, knowledge, experience and companionship. 100% personalised tour 4 hours or 8 hours.
What is not included?
Unless specified, the fee does not include transportation and entrance fees. You will pay for your own meals and the buddies pay theirs.

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