Visa extension price list (latest updated on 26/05/2020)

New price list for Visa extension. 1 month tourist visa 1 month extension: $90 2 months extension: $110 1 month extension (3rd time): $90 3 months tourist visa 1 month extension: $130 2 months extension: $220 3 months extension: $300/$200 for kid Visa exemption without sponsor: 15 days extension: $90 1 month extension: $120 2 […]

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Hanoi life during the coronavirus epidemic

CORONAVIRUS IN HANOI Prior to the coronavirus, Hanoi City was regularly packed full of street vendors and tourists. Since the coronavirus has took the world by storm, the Old Quarter, or better known as “ Phố cổ ” to the locals, has come to an absolute standstill. The streets of the Old Quarter have transformed from […]

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Where to go for a day trip around Hanoi?

As we’ve suggested before, there are a lot of places in Hanoi that you should not miss! Find them here So where should we go on a day trip to the suburban areas of the city? Ham Lon mountain Ham Lon mountain (means Jaw of Pig) is the highest mountain of Hanoi, located at the […]

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Top places to go in Hanoi

Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam – has stood out strongly through the 4000 years history of the country. Places below are the ones you can not and should not miss on your trip to Hanoi. Some may say if you did not visit these places then you hadn’t had come to the city!

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Top 6 places in Ho Chi Minh city for a perfect count-down party

New Year’s Eve is coming, thus, a lot of firework spots have been set up through the city to celebrate this occasion. This year, the firework performances will last for 15 minutes from 00:00 to 00:15 January 1st, 2020. Here comes 6 places for you to enjoy the remarkable moment in between two decades in […]

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