Essentials to maximize your 2-week in Vietnam (Part 2)

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Preparation makes half of the trip.

We all know too well about the excitement that derived from anticipating in a trip, whether it is talking with friends about the trip or making an iTunes playlist or learning the local language. However, this also comes along with the worry of bringing too much or not enough. Bad preparation can ruin the whole journey, and we are here to help. Here comes a comprehensive list of what you should pack to maximize your 2-week stay in Vietnam.

What to pack for a 2-week trip in Vietnam can vary depending on where and when you choose to visit. Follow this guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure.


#1. Rain protection

A decent raincoat can be helpful for trekking or biking

Yes, even if it’s not the rainy season, rain in Vietnam can happen very unexpectedly, and nobody wants to be soaked wet. So go for lightweight, water-proof jackets to keep you dry and active. Packing a compact umbrella is suggested but not necessary since you can buy one in your destination for quite a cheap price.

#2. Tissues

A handy pack of tissues wil save an awkward bathroom emergency

Ever imagine rushing to the toilet only to realize that there’s no toilet paper? That could possibly happen in Vietnam. So be prepared and have tissue paper in your pocket or in your bag, you will be glad you did.

#3. Sport sandals

Easily air-dried and light-weight, ideal footwear for tropical climates

This is due to the constant humidity. Do your feet a favor and allow them to breathe in a sporty pair of water-proof sandals. Flip-flops are ideal when you’re on a beach, but you can easily purchase them whenever you need to. 

#4. Modest clothes

When you’re in doubt, opt for pants/dress that cover your thighs

Another dressing tip, and this is what most foreign travelers don’t think about. It’s no debate that exposing clothes, i.e shorts and crop tops, are not allowed in most sacred sites such as temples, pagodas and monuments. If these are included in your 2-week itinerary, be a thoughtful traveler and pack something that goes below the knees!

#5. Bug spray

Make sure to bring enough bug spray to be used in 14 days

This is mainly for mosquitoes that are prevalent anywhere any time, let alone the period in March when humidity can reach the horrifying 100%, a perfect condition for mosquitoes growth. So bring a bug spray from home whose smell can work for you. Most of the ones being sold in most drugstores and supermarkets don’t always work well.

#6. Flashlights

Opt for compact flashlights with long battery life

Opt for compact flashlights with long battery life

This is for all the good reasons. Not every neighborhood features street lightning after 10 am, nor any lighting at all, and there’s always chances of power cut, especially during a storm. So find a handy yet powerful flashlight that could fit inside your backpack or your pocket. This will wipe away any annoyance and worry when you’re out for an off-beaten track adventure. 

#7. Travel pillow

To save space, opt for inflatable pillow, watch how to use here

You may not expect this, but you will be spending a lot of time sitting, i.e on the bus, train, flight, and it will not always be full of exhilarating sightseeing. You will miss a comfy pillow a whole lot. And this one can also be useful when you take a midday nap (like most locals do) at the restaurant during a long-haul journey.

Keep in mind

With more baggage fees and increasingly long security checkpoint procedures, we highly recommend that you only pack what’s essential. Bear in mind the scenario of bringing home some souvenirs, like a silk dress or a conical hat.

So there you have a list of the most basic things you pack for a 2-week stay in Vietnam. Remember if you run into any problems, it’s always better to ask for help than to stay silent. We hope you’ll have a decent preparation to make the most out of your journey.

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