2 most beautiful hills in Hue from where “Mat Biec” was filmed

If you have not heard of it ,”Mat Biec” is expected to be the Vietnamese “blockbuster” of 2019. This romance movie, adapted from the book of the same name by writer Nguyen Nhat Anh, tells the love story of a young man – Ngan for his girlfriend from childhood – Halan. 

“Mat Biec” is probably one of the most viral movie  on the Internet at the moment. When scrolling down popular pages on social media, you will find extract, pictures and posts about the movie, which proves if needed the popular success of the film. 

Among the things have gone viral, there are beautiful shots taken from amazingly stunning Hue, the old imperial of Vietnam during the Nguyen’s dynasty. Having been confirmed by the talented director Victor Vu, these 2 beautiful hills below are extremely good places for checking in and will drive you out of this world!

1. Thien An hill: Myrtle forest where love begins

Located at Thuy Bang, Huong Thuy town which is about 10km to the South West of the centre of Hue, Thien An hill was where the shot Ngan and Ha Lan playing in the myrtle forest taken. 

Surrounded by several lines of pine above a countless number of ferns, the special thing about this location is it will differ a bit from that of the novel on which the film is based. It’s at once romantic, satisfied and pure reminding us of magnificent shots from the series “Twilight”. This was where most of the romantic scenes between Ngan, Ha Lan and Tra Long was taken.

2. Vong Canh hill: The spot where love is growing

This place is usually mistaken to Thien An hill, because the ekip of the film only confirmed having taken beautiful shots there. But actually, this is the real place where the Ngan’s guitar sounds.  

Located 7km away from the centre of beautiful Hue, Vong Canh hill is at 102 Huyen Tran Cong Chua street, Hue. This location is actually a bit far away from Thien An but is still mistaken due to the familiarity of the space. It takes you 10 minutes to get to Vong Canh from Thien An hill by car.

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