Where to go for a day trip around Hanoi?

As we’ve suggested before, there are a lot of places in Hanoi that you should not miss! Find them here

So where should we go on a day trip to the suburban areas of the city?

1. Ham Lon mountain

Ham Lon mountain (means Jaw of Pig) is the highest mountain of Hanoi, located at the Doc Ton mountain ranges in Soc Son Dist. It is about 40km to the North of Hanoi. If you are having yourself a motorbike and driving towards the mountain, it only takes 1 – 1.5 hours to go from the center of Hanoi.

Ham Lon mountain
Ham Lon Moutain

With the height of 426m, it is a good place that trekking enthusiasts cannot miss. Some Fansipan climbers said that this mountain is a perfect training place before adventuring the roof of Vietnam. At Ham Pang peak, there is an open land for visitors to camp and have BBQ parties. If mountain climbing is not your type, you can stop at Ham Swan Lake (also known as Suoi Bau Lake) at the foot of Ham Lon Mountain.

In addition, to not be lost, you can hire a local with the cost from 250,000 to 450,000. Furthermore, fire camping is a favorite activity here. The total cost for this weekend picnic is only about 300,000 – 500,000 VND/person.

2. Bat Trang ceramic village

Just over 30 minutes travel by motorbike from the center of the capital, you will get to Bat Trang, a famous ceramic village in Vietnam. Not solely is this place perfect for a family outing at the weekend but it is also helpful for children. Here, you are able to create pottery products by yourselves under the instruction of the local potters. Within only 20,000-30,000 VND, you can have such cute hand-made gifts for your friends and families at home. What a meaningful thing!

Bat Trang ceramic village
Bat Trang ceramic village

Moreover, while you are enjoying and wandering at the Bat Trang pottery market, you can also try the local cuisine here. You may want to stop at the small restaurants along markets to try some snacks at quite cheap prices. Especially, ink bamboo shoot soup is a traditional dish here. It is said that eating ink bamboo shoot soup, Bat Trang Village will appear in your mind. The perfect combination of the yellow of bamboo shoots and sweet water makes it a very special taste. Ink soup is usually served as a main dish during the traditional holidays, wedding ceremonies, and anniversaries of the local. Do not miss this great opportunity!

3. Ba Vi National Park

To explore nature and dive into ecotourism, Ba Vi National Park is a very sensible choice for a-day trip as the place is well-reserved and protected by the government. The parkland embraces the top three highest peaks of the area which are Vua (means King), Tan Vien, and Ngoc Hoa. In the Park, visitors are free to do physical activities as long as not cause bad effects to the environment. Walking or riding bicycles are 2 most enjoyable activities here in the large pine forests.

Ba Vi National Park
Ba Vi National Park

Not only being well-known of a variety of plants, Ba Vi is also famous for its cactus greenhouses, built in a relatively new and a different style. Coming here, you are surprised with different types of cacti. Just after a day in Ba Vi, you will feel more energetic and fresh.

4. Kim Boi Hot Spring

Kim Boi Hot String is an interesting outside place of Hanoi for relaxation after those long days inside the busy city. This spot is 70km far away from Hanoi. It is a natural hot spring with many  beneficial minerals for our health. According to a research, the high levels of minerals have positive effects on bone and joint diseases, pain, and fatigue, etc. The temperature in the spring is always about 34 – 36 °C. There are two types of services including a mineral bath and a mud bath which cost 65,000 VND/time.

Kim Boi Hot Spring

Kim Boi Hot Spring

Furthermore, you can visit Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant nearby, the largest ones in Vietnam. If you do not want to move around, you can enjoy all day with Muong people’ food, for instance, Buffalo meat and Chinese knotweed.

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