10 out-standing coffee shops in Hanoi during Christmas

Despite the fact that Christmas is not officially celebrated in VIetnam, this is still the time get people closer to enjoy happy moments together. Therefore, it is like “a war” during Christmas to coffee shops, when every shop get themself redecorated to be well-noticed by the citizen. Here comes 10 coffee shops that have stood out and became very popular to the people of Hanoi.

1. Orioma Coffee

Address: 8 Tay Ho street

Just having been opened recently, this coffee shop still remains a newcomer to the people which makes it not too crowded. With a large and well-decorated space which is very suited to Christmas, you can not miss this one if you are looking for a place to chill and relax!

2. Trill Bistro

Address: 98 Hang Buom street

Normally, Trill Bistro has already become an attraction to many young people to come and take themselves eye-catching photos thanks to an interesting way of decoration. Especially in this Christmas, this place is getting more cool stuffs carrying the spirit of the holiday. That’s why there are so many trendy photo albums coming from this spot!

3. Villa Des Fleurs

Address: 42 Tran Phu street

Not standing out of “the war” during Christmas, Villa Des Fleurs has been “armed” with perfect angles and spots which may drive you out of this world with its unforgettable decoration.

4. Cotero Coffee

Address: 80 To Ngoc Van street

Located near the West lake, Cotero is also one of the coffee shops that are not too crowded and noisy during the holiday. This place comes into people’s minds by a fresh space and nice music which really helps you relax after hard working days.

5. Baked by Julie

Address: 193 Hang Bong street

Baked by Julie is a perfect combination of Noel and sweet lollipop style. Girls who are looking for cuteness and appealing experience will definitely fall in love with this one!

6. Mr. K Tea House

Address: 364 Hue street

If you are looking for a different feeling in Christmas when red and white take place, you may pay attention to this blue pastel tea house. By going through the pictures below, you will understand why just a door can make a masterpiece!

7. Hello Stranger

Address: 33B Pham Ngu Lao street

Having already stood out as one of the most popular coffee houses to the people in Hanoi, this eye-catching coffee shop has changed its outlook bringing an immensely cozy ambience to visitors. 

8. Sam Rooftop Coffee

Address: 8th and 9th floor, 58/298 Tay Son street

This one also brings a different experience in general than the others to the people. Located on the roof of an old French house in Hanoi, the coffee shops retains both the cozy feeling of an up in years Hanoi and the modernizing feeling of lights and stuffs. Let’s try something new in this Christmas!

9. La Fleur Tea and Dessert Coffee

Address: 2nd floor, 22B Hai Ba Trung street

All the recommendations above are introduced as places for you to chill, but if you enjoy the cheerfulness and happiness of people, La Fleur Tea and Dessert Coffee is a good choice for you! Located very close to the center of Hanoi, and well-decorated with lights and other properties, this one is a place you can not miss when you visit to Hanoi this Christmas.

10. Koné Coffee

Address: 295 Kham Thien street

Another rooftop coffee house, but this one is located close to one of the most busy crossroads of Hanoi. Kone Coffee is an okey-dokey spot for those who love checking-in and being on social network thanks to remarkable pictures taken here.

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