Winter is just around the corner and it is time for vacation. Have you made up your mind yet about where to go?

Vietnam? A wise decision. The Southeast Asian country with magnificent landscapes will surely make your trip worthwhile.

However, do not pack your luggage yet. Read until the end to know must-do activities in Vietnam. You do not want to miss one of them!

1. Make Traditional Crafts

Traditional crafts are a part of Vietnamese culture. Nowadays, there are a lot of workshops hosted by local teams, in which you can learn how to make handicrafts yourself.

Image result for vietnam traditional crafts
Vietnam crafts – handcraft products made in Vietnam

For example, in Hoi An ancient town, making lanterns is a traditional way to earn a living of locals. There, they will teach you how to craft a unique lantern with available materials. Great!

2. Take A Food Tour

Vietnam is undoubtedly a heaven for foodies out there. All the best delicacies are available right on the street with a surprisingly cheap price. If you want a more luxurious experience, multiple restaurants are there to serve your demands.

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Overall, even picky eaters find their favorite foods in Hanoi. I bet you will, too.

3. Explore The Caves

Image result for son doong cave
Son Doong – World’s Largest Cave

In Central Vietnam, there is a huge collection of natural caves to explore. They are not small, but biggest caves ever discovered in the world. There you will surely have a great time admiring the works of nature.

4. Ride A Motorbike

Do not forget to try riding a motorbike on the streets if you want to have a genuine experience in Vietnam. The traffic seems real scary at first, but you will be familiar with it after a while.

Image result for motorbike in vietnam
Riding a motorbike in Vietnam may require you to have some survival tips

I know some travelers even go across the country by motorbikes, so don’t be afraid! Put a helmet on and take it easy.

Are You Ready For The Trip?

There are tons of other options, but above are must-do activities in Vietnam. Make sure you try all of them for a great trip.

If your friends also plan a trip to Southeast Asia, share this article and invite them to go with you. 

Thanks for reading!

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