Lan Ha bay: The hidden pearl in the Northern of Vietnam

In search  of an alternative to the touristy Halong Bay? Book your cruise and head to the unspoiled, lesser-known beauty of Lan Ha Bay.

We love Halong Bay as much as the next person, but its crowded, tourist-studded islands are not really what you’d call tranquil. If it’s serenity and solitude that you’re looking for, head to one of Lan Ha Bay’s many hidden, lesser-known attractions. 

Lying Southeast to the Cat Ba island, Lan Ha boasts the iconic seascape of the Halong Bay complex, with an intact charm. Welcome to a destination of untouched beauty and thriving nature. Read on for top 5 attractions in Lan Ha and our cruising options to savor the best of this nature treasure

1. Cua Van floating village

The village tells about the harmony of humans and nature. Photo: flickr

Locating 12km away from the port of Bến Bèo (which translates to roughly 1h30m on boat), Cua Van floating village makes a highlight for cultural learning in Lan Ha Bay. As one of the oldest fishing communities ever formed in the offshore of Vietnam, Cua Van proudly preserves many traditional fishing methods as it tells about the harmony of humans and nature. 

Notably, Cua Van was voted one of the most stunning villages in the world, thanks to its idyllic setting of emerald green ocean and vibrant fishing scene. 

2. Monkey Island

Monkey Island got its name from its native animals. Photo: Unsplash

As much as the name speaks, this spot is where many white-faced monkeys, under the management of the Cat Ba National Park, would thrive and hang around with visitors. Climbers, Swimmers and nature lovers can easily keep themselves occupied here. There are also a wide range of activities, from throwing a BBQ, dancing, fire camping to fill your holiday with fun and good memories.

Just a fact, Monkey Island has another name that you might see somewhere, it’s the “San Pineapple Island”. This comes from a type of Pineapple that are native and prevalent to the island. Despite being inedible, the fruit is often used in drinks as an ingredient to fight diabetes.

3. Van Boi beach

Shallow and calm water makes Van Boi a perfect beach to swim in. Photo: triphunter

Shallow and calm water makes Van Boi a perfect beach to swim in. Photo: triphunter

A perfect stop for your cruise in Lan Ha Bay is, Van Boi’s laid-back vibe combined with a scenic view that makes anyone feel relaxed. This spot makes a  near-perfect tropical beach and it’s great for tourists of all ages, as the water is shallow and calm. 

Expect to lounge on the sandy beach to enjoy the cool sea breezes and warm sunshine. Or if you like being active, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and lots more are readily available.

4.  Luon Cave

Luon cave’s beauty is only accessible through kayaking. Photo: @rajatapaukset

A spot whose pristine natural beauty is only accessible through kayaking. Because of the cave’s geography that can’t hold up any big ship, Luon features an atmosphere of peacefulness where everything is in the most primitive way. 

Fasten your lifejacket, get on a kayak and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring limestone sculpted by water from thousands of years ago. Meanwhile, looking down at the sunlight reflected onto the clear ocean and the soothing sound of water padding into your kayak.   

5. Nam Cat Island

The teeny Nam Cat evades the exploit of mass tourism. Photo: Haiphongaz

Nam Cat is a small island with beaches that stretches 500 meters. Like many of that in the Lan Ha Bay, this picturesque island luckily evades from mass tourism, meaning you can find a spot of your own and indulge in the quiet ambience.

Thanks to many of the islets lying scattered around, Nam Cat is blessed with a combination of calm tides and gorgeous scenery. It’s a paradise to unwind, with stunning beaches, nodding palms and accommodations within earshot of the subtly lapping waves.

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