Hoi An: How to get there (part 2)

Hoi An might not be so easily accessible like the other tourist attractions in Vietnam, yet getting to the town is itself a terrific journey, read on to find out. You can find more in part 1.

Hoi An offers more than its scenic streets and phenomenal weather. Its proximity to the greater city of Danang and further North to Hue makes Hoi An a perfect base for vacationers gand business travelers alike. On its own, Hoi An is a walkable 60 sq km (23 sq miles) – a pedestrian and bike-friendly ancient town. Each of its neighborhoods offers an authentic mix of arts, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

3. Rent a bike from Danang to Hoi An

blue moped motorcycle near road

Traveling to Hoi An on a motorbike means lots of interesting stop-by. Photo:Unsplash 

This option is for adventure junkies who refuse to be confined to anyone’s schedule but their own, meaning they can have a snack at a unique road stop or visit a small village along the journey. The highway is in good condition, fully equipped with night lights, and will open many opportunities for some photoshoots of the fabulous oceanfront.

Bikes can be booked one day ahead of time or you can just pick one at the bike rental shops in Danang. The price is $4-5 per bike per day,  with scooters costing a bit more. After around 40 minutes on the highway, you will reach Hoi An, you will then have to park your bike before you begin to explore its narrow walking street. 

The biking trip should be full of memorable sightseeing experience, yet take into account the weather conditions on the day you arrive in Hoi An as well as the day you return to Danang. It wouldn’t be so pleasant and safe to ride your bike on a rainy and stormy day.

Furthermore, in all seriousness, it’s against the law to ride a motorbike unless you have a Vietnamese license, and the International Driver Permits do not apply to those from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. So do the research beforehand to check how you can legally ride a motorbike in Vietnam.

4. Get a taxi from Danang to Hoi An

Taxis might be the most convenient yet costly way to reach Hoi An

This option is for travelers who wouldn’t mind spending a bit of extra cash for comfort and convenience. The pro is that you can hail a taxi anywhere, anytime whether you’re at the Danang airport or the city center to Hoi An without making any prior arrangement. The fee can come at roughly $15-20 for each one-way ride. To avoid scams, it’s recommended that you choose a verified, well-known taxi company such as Mai Linh taxi, Song Han taxi or Vinasun taxi.

There is a new service that launched at the Da Nang airport – Dichungtaxi (shared Taxi), which is similar to Uber. By booking your taxi on their site, the system will send your route information to drivers and have them pick you up. You can share the taxi ride with other people heading the same direction by choosing the “share” option. If not, you can still take the “private” taxi as usual. This service is potentially cheaper than traditional taxis and can help you avoid scams since their pricing is fixed based on the package you select. Shared taxis will cost around 150.000 VND ($7) and the private one will cost 220.000 VND ($10).

5. Take a bus from Danang to Hoi An

The yellow bus will be the cheapest way to get in Hoi An from Danang city. Photo: sanvere.org

This is hands down the most economical choice to get to Hoi An. To encourage more tourists to visit Hoi An, the government had launched a direct bus route between Da Nang and Hoi An – Bus #1 – for 30.000 VND ($1.3). Compared to the other options, the bus will take the most time, more or less 1 hour to get to Hoi An.

Bus service starts at 5:30 AM and stops operating at 6 PM. For your convenience, you can use Google Maps and its schedule explorer to locate the nearest bus stop and the arrival time of the bus. The only problem is that the nearest bus stop is around 3km away from the Da Nang airport. But if you are at the Railway Station, you can walk for 10 minutes to reach the bus stop at 162 Ong Ich Khiem.

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